Spider Vein Treatment

What are spider veins?

Spider veins (also known as telangectesias) are a common problem. They represent dilated small veins in the superficial layer of the skin.

Many factors are associated with the development of spider veins including heredity, weight gain, pregnancy, prolonged standing or sitting, and others.

How are spider veins treated?

Sclerotherapy is an effective way of treating spider veins. A sclerosing agent is administered into the veins which causes the veins to close gradually.

This procedure is done in the office and requires no anesthesia. It takes between 10-40 minutes to perform, depending on the areas to be treated.

Improvement will be noticeable after each treatment and it may take on the average of 2-3 treatments to achieve optimal results.

What should I expect during my appointment?

We will evaluate the areas that concern you and determine if you would benefit from sclerotherapy. Before treatment, together will mark the spider vein areas. We perform sclerotherapy in the office.

It is best to wear loose fitting pants before sclerotherapy as it will be easy to put them on over the compression garment.

What is recovery like after sclerotherapy?

You will be asked to wear a compression garment for 2-3 days.

Sometimes bruising may occur which will subside within several weeks. Rarely pigment changes may occur. This may take several months to resolve.

If needed, repeat treatments are performed at 4 week intervals.

Most patients are very pleased with the results of sclerotherapy. In the future, if new spider veins develop, more treatments may be necessary.