RealSelf Reviews | Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants

August 31, 2015 by Lamaalsh

By far this is the best decision i have ever taken in my whole life. I never felt this confident of the way I look. I had this insecurity since I was very young. I remember back when I was 12, I used to stand infront of two mirrors to be able to see the reflection of the sides of my nose. I remember how depressed I felt about it. But I had this fear of surgeries and looking “fake”. I always wanted to be considered naturally pretty. Years later I was like, “screw it, its just a little hump that needs to be removed”. I mean, its good to take care of your looks as long as you can. Dr.Grigoryants is an excellent recommendation for anyone who wants to go for a rhinoplasty! He’s amazing and gives absolute natural results. I felt comfortable with him. Plus, the whole girls who work there at his clinic are so friendly and nice. I was happy. I really enjoyed the rest of my time in LA and it was sure an unforgettable vacation! I will never regret this. Whoever wants to go for a rhinoplasty, don’t ever feel scared, just do what makes you happy and comfortable as long as you’ll go to a doctor like Vladimir Grigoryants!  Read full review


Oct 9, 2103  by Cupcakes66.

He was a good doctor. I am happy I chose him, most plastic surgeons who are popular tend to be arrogant and don’t really listen to your concerns just what they think you need to fix. Everyone’s insecurities are different. He was very humble and took his time to listen. Just by talking to him I can tell he takes pride in his work which shows in all his pictures. They all look naturally better.  Read full review