Breast Revision Los Angeles

After augmentation with breast implants in Los Angeles, the majority of women are extremely pleased with their results. After some time has passed, some women feel they have “outgrown” their current implants and begin to desire a larger breast volume. Dr. Grigoryants is proud to offer the best Breast Implant Revision Los Angeles has to offer. He understands the unique challenges presented by breast implant revision, and has tremendous experience with implants of all sizes.

Other Reasons for Breast Implant Revision in Los Angeles:

While some women simply want to go bigger, there are several other reasons why women undergo breast implant revision in Los Angeles including:

  • Unhappy with results from breast augmentation with another surgeon
  • Capsular contracture
  • Ruptured breast implants
  • Visible implant ripples
  • Breast tissue that has dropped below the implant into an unnatural position
  • Breast implants falling to the sides of the chest wall
  • Other positional changes of the implant or breast tissue
  • Asymmetry of the breast volume, shape or areolas

Whether you are seeking breast implant revision due to complications from your previous breast augmentation or are simply looking to increase the size of your implants, Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants offers the best Breast Implant Revision Los Angeles has to offer.

Breast Implant Revision Los Angeles Patient:

The patient below underwent submuscular breast augmentation with 375 cc silicone implants. Later she requested larger (650 cc) implants. Larger implants created more fullness in the upper part of the chest and allowed to narrow the gap in the cleavage area. As you can see, there is no noticeable/visible scar from the breast augmentation procedures as Dr. Grigoryants makes the incision within the natural folds of the skin. Increasing the size of the implants is one of the most common reasons women come to Dr. Grigoryants for the best Breast Implant Revision Los Angeles has to offer.


Before surgery

375 cc silicone implants

375 cc silicone implants

650 cc silicone implants

650 cc silicone implants