Scarless Rhinoplasty – Closed rhinoplasty Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

Scarless Rhinoplasty – Closed rhinoplasty Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

The advantages of closed (scarless) rhinoplasty is that there is no scar going across the columella. By now, I have seen a number patients with visible/notched columella scars after their open rhinoplasty from elsewhere. Unfortunately, open rhinoplasty results in visible scarring more commonly than thought especially in ethnic patients.
Therefore, for primary rhinoplasty I prefer closed rhinoplasty.  Performing closed rhinoplasty requires experience and skills.  Every surgeon who performs closed rhinoplasty should be able to not only to shave a  bump but also to refine and raise the tip when necessary, support the tip so that it does not droop over time,  and perform all the functional steps to preserve or improve nasal airway patency including correction of a deviate septum, reduction of large turbinates, and support of nasal valve to prevent collapse.  Not every surgeon rhinoplasty surgeon in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills performs closed rhinoplasty.  Patients seeking closed rhinoplasty should inquire about the surgeon’s operative volume, experience, and view as many before and after photos of closed rhinoplasty patients as possible.

Case Study  1:  Immediate result is shown after closed rhinoplasty.  The dorsal hump was reduced,  tip narrowed and lifted, and nostril arching reduced.  No external scars present.


Case Study 2:    This patient underwent closed  (scarless)  rhinoplasty over a year ago .   Her deviated nose was straightened,  tip lifted and narrowed,  and dorsal hump reduced.  No visible external nasal scars present.

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