Nose Surgery Consultation in Los Angeles

Nose Surgery Consultation in Los Angeles

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures around. Dating back to over 4,000 years ago, rhinoplasty has been used to reconstruct and reshape a person’s nose. Today, rhinoplasty is not only used to correct nostril abnormalities or birth defects, but is also used for cosmetic purposes. Not everyone is happy with the size or shape nose that they have been given and with plastic surgery, they will not have to let it bother them forever. Nose surgery in Los Angeles will first begin with a consultation.

Typically, a consultation will begin with an in depth analysis of your nose. You will also discuss with the surgeon your goals for rhinoplasty in Los Angeles and what you are looking to have corrected. Some common reasons that nose surgeons get patients seeking rhinoplasty include:

· Birth defects that have affected the nose.

· Difficulty breathing because of a nostril abnormality.

· Excessively flared nostrils.

· A dorsal bump that is too prominent.

· A not proportionate nose in relation to other facial features.

· Bulging tip at the end of the nose

It is important that your plastic surgeon understand your reason for wanting rhinoplasty in full so that they can accurately set forth a surgical plan for you. They will also explain the limitations of the procedure and what you can expect as far as an outcome. The doctor will discuss the obtainable outcome that is possible and explain the process that they will use to achieve that outcome.

It is extremely important that when you arrive at your consultation that you are fully prepared with questions to ask your potential surgeon. It is also important that you are able to talk about your medical history. It may be wise to first see your general physician to have a comprehensive examination of your general health to present to your surgeon at your consultation. These tools will help your surgeon in determining if you are healthy enough to undergo surgery.

The plastic surgeon will also perform a painless exam in order to analyze the internal structure of the nose and what potential reasons are causing your breathing issues or what areas need to be sculpted to achieve your desired look. You can also talk with your surgeon about the recovery process and what your aftercare treatment plan will look like. Soon enough, you will be on the path to getting the nose that you have always desired or simply breathe with ease.

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