Look more feminine by fixing your nose with rhinoplasty

Look more feminine by fixing your nose with rhinoplasty

Facial plastic surgery in Los Angeles is quite popular as the competition for looking young is fierce. Aside from competition, there is an increasing desire to look more like the people who are often seen on billboards or tabloid covers. Face lifts, lip augmentations, liposuction and even nose jobs are performed on men and women who want to look more like the stars they idolize and admire.

A nose job, medically known as a rhinoplasty, is very common nowadays. There is news that lots of women go to plastic surgeons and show a picture of Kate Middleton as they want their nose to look like hers. Aside from women, there are men who undergo sex changes and try to look more feminine by fixing their noses to make it look more womanly. Click here

For most women, a perfect nose should be proportional to a woman’s face, have a defined tip, a feminine swoop on the bridge which many believe to be more feminine, and a great projection that starts from the front to the back. It should look fantastic when photographed from any angle.

However, having a beautifully structured nose is not the only thing that men and women aspire for. Some even try to get the same jaw line, cheek bone, or dimples as their favorite stars and celebrities. Plastic surgeons have seen a great demand for some women hoping to look like their favorite idols. There have been women who enter their office carrying a photograph of the face of beautiful celebrities and request that they have different parts of their face altered to look like the ones in the pictures.

A nose job is a fairly simple procedure where the surgeon makes small incisions inside the nose to access the bones and cartilages. This is also to prevent the incisions from being seen. The tissues and cartilages are either given additions or are removed depending on how the patient wants his or her nose to look.

Nose jobs can accomplish a great number of corrections such as the size, width, and profile of the nose as well as the nostrils, nasal tip, and nasal asymmetry. This procedure is better suited for those who are aged 13 years old or more as the facial growth is complete and those who do not smoke or have a better overall physical health.

The overall cost of a nose job depends on the surgeon. Since it is an outpatient procedure, it usually requires a local anesthesia which does not cost as much as a general anesthesia. Achieving the look that one wants is easy thanks to plastic surgery. But it is best to read about the procedure, recovery time, and most especially, your suitability to the procedure. With facial plastic surgery you can enhance your image which will make you feel young and will boost your self confidence. To know more, visit http://www.vgplasticsurgery.com/procedures.htm