Cosmetic Surgery |Rhinoplasty Costs | Financing in Los Angeles | Dr. Grigoryants

Cosmetic Surgery |Rhinoplasty Costs | Financing in Los Angeles | Dr. Grigoryants

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost?

The cost of rhinoplasty depends on the complexity of surgery. Primary rhinoplasty is less expensive than revision rhinoplasty.  The cost of cosmetic rhinoplasty includes the surgeon’ s fee, anesthesiologists’s fee, surgical facility fee, and postoperative visits.  Dr. Grigoryants works with experienced doctor anesthesiologists and performs surgery at accredited multispecialty surgical centers to ensure the highest possible quality of care and safety.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most complex plastic surgery procedures.  Therefore, it very important consider the surgeon’s experience with rhinoplasty when selecting a rhinoplasty surgeon.  Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants specializes in rhinoplasty and performs this surgery every day.  By now, he has performed thousands of rhinoplasty procedures.   Patients come to Dr. Grigoryants for rhinoplasty from various parts of the world.  In addition to improving the cosmetic  appearance of the nose, Dr. Grigoryants also  opens nasal airways to treat nasal airway obstruction or support nasal airway function.

It is very important to review as many rhinoplasty  before and after photographs as possible  to have an idea of what the surgeon is able to achieve.  Rhinoplasty  and cosmetic surgery outcomes are  very subjective.  Reviewing the surgeon’s work will allow you to see  if you like the his/her aesthetic outcomes.

Dr. Grigoryants performs both closed and open rhinoplasty but  prefers closed (also known as scarless) rhinoplasty for most patients  in order to avoid a scar across the columella.  This scar can be noticeable or notched in many patients or result in nasal skin thickening in front of the scar. Dr. Grigoryants does not use packing after surgery and many patient can breath right after surgery.

You will  receive a price quote during your in-person or  an email consultation with Dr. Grigoryants.

For an email consultation,  email  Dr. Grigoryants  at  

  1. Please email  your face photos :

 – front view

     – right and left side views

     –  bottom view, showing your nostrils.  

   (Please do not smile in these photos)


  1. Please answer the following questions:

-What do you want to change about your nose?

   – Do you have any medical problems ?

   -Have you had any previous nasal surgery and when?

   -Have you had any other surgery?

    -Have you had any type of injections in your nose?

    -Are you allergic to any medications?

-Do you prefer to communicate using this  email service or via an encrypted email

system which requires additional authentication?


We will  reply to you with his recommendations and a price quote.


Is There Financing for Surgery ?

Payment can be made using cash, check, credit cards, or financing .  You can also combine payments.
 Some  of our patients apply for one or more  new credit cards  as many credit cards now offer  zero interest for up to 18 months. We take all  regular credit cards (except CareCredit).   There is also a company that does medical loans called UnitedMedical Credit on our  website. See these options here:

We also take Alphaeon  which has 6  months interest free financing as well as  24 or  36 month with interest financing.

Closed rhinoplasty results   by Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants
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