Common Questions Asked about Breast Augmentation

Common Questions Asked about Breast Augmentation

Many women seek out the breast augmentation procedure in order to boost self confidence and feel more comfortable with their bodies. Having breast augmentation is a body altering procedure and should be researched thoroughly by women that are considering the surgery to ensure that it is right for them and will help them meet their goals of looking and feeing more beautiful. Knowing more about the procedure and being prepared with information will help you to make the best educated choice possible.

What type of recovery is involved with breast augmentation?

Understanding the recovery of the procedure is important so that you can make sure you can fit it into your lifestyle. If you are unable to take of any work for recovery, or are a full time mom that can’t afford down-time, the procedure may not be the best option at that moment. Typically, pain medication is not needed and recovery can include simple antibiotics, a healthy diet and rest. If main is unbearable your plastic surgeon can administer the necessities. For the first few weeks you will need to wear a support bra and swelling will alleviate by the end of that period. After about 4 weeks you will be able to engage in more physical activities.

What type of implant is used for breast augmentation?

There are two types of FDA-approved implants that can be used, wither silicone or saline. Silcone implants have more recently revolutionized to provide a more natural softness to the breast and have been reported to have a lesser chance of leakage. You can discuss with your surgeon to decide which type of implant will best meet your needs. Along with implant type, there are also different types of incisions that can be used. For more information on the types of incisions, click here.

Can I have a mammogram after breast augmentation?

Women both with and without breast implants should have regular mammograms. Typically, breast implants are placed behind the muscle and breast tissue remains easily examinable.

After researching, and find a plastic surgeon that you think is best for you, it’s time to schedule your consultation. During your consultation you can more thoroughly discuss the breast augmentation process and what you can expect. You can also use this time to ask any questions that you may have or express any doubts you may be feeling. An expert plastic surgeon with be able to set your mind at ease and offer great objective answers to your questions.

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