Be confident with breast augmentation

Be confident with breast augmentation

Every year thousands of women opt to undergo breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. Some women are unhappy with the shape and size of their breasts, while some are looking for a complete breast reconstruction after a masectomy. Having breast augmentation in Beverly Hills helps women to become more confident about their bodies and even will feel a boost in the self-esteem. For women that are considering having breast augmentation, it is very important that they know what to expect in their recovery and that they do the proper research when choosing a plastic surgeon. Most women will have about a two week recovery, but again this is greatly dependant on the surgeon that was chosen for the procedure. An expert plastic surgeon will be able to achieve beautiful results and give their patients little down time.

Breast Augmentation is performed under a general anesthisia and it is important that specific measures are followed leading up to the surgery to prepare. For example, the patient should have been not smoking for at least six weeks and they should have stopped taking anti-inflammatory drugs or any medication that tends to thin the blood. Smoking can cause unhealthy wound healing and increased bleeding during surgery. After waking up from the surgery patients will be groggy and slightly disoriented. Your plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills will talk you through the whole process before it even occurs so that you can calmly no what to expect and have less anxiety.

During your consultation, you will also discuss with your surgeon the placing of the incisions. The placement can depend on a variety of things such as the patient’s aesthetic goals, the type of implant used and the size of the implant. Incisions can be placed in the belly button, in the armpit, in the crease of the breast or even around the nipples. The placement of each incision should be done meticulously as to minimize the appearance of scarring and therefore creating a more natural look. As the incisions heal they may be slightly red and itchy. Patients should try to avoid scratching or further irritating the incisions by all means.

In the end, your recovery process and overall outcome of breast augmentation is dependant on the surgeon that you choose for the procedure. An experienced surgeon will be able to perform the procedure with little scarring and a smooth recovery thereafter. If you potentially jump into having the surgery and do not research the doctor, there is the possibility that you could be unhappy with your results and put yourself at higher risk during recovery. Ensure your happiness in breast augmentation and choose the best surgeon in Beverly Hills. To know more about breast augmentation in Beverly Hills please visit:

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