A Scarless Nose job – Closed Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles

A Scarless Nose job – Closed Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles

Nose reshaping or rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging procedures in plastic surgery. Every rhinoplasty patient requires a carefully thought out plan as each person has a different nose and face. Two rhinoplasty techniques are available closed and open rhinoplasty.

With open rhinoplasty an incision is made through the bottom portion of the nose (called columella) and the skin is lifted back to expose the cartilages. Although open rhinoplasty offers great visibility, it leave a noticeable scar in many patients. Furthermore, significant scarring has been seen in some patients resulting in thickening of the front portion of the columella. It is very difficult and sometimes impossible to revise a poorly healed scar.

In closed rhinoplasty  incisions are placed inside the nose and no scar will be present across the columella.  Healing following closed rhinoplasty appears faster than after closed rhinoplasty.  Dr. Grigoryants performs closed rhinoplasty on a daily basis. This allowed him to   advance closed rhinoplasty techniques  and achieve excellent results  with a high rate of consistency. Closed rhinoplasty is Dr. Grigoryants’  preferred technique and is his specialty.  Closed rhinoplasty requires special skills and experience.  A person considering rhinoplasty should be able to view as many rhinoplasty before and after photographs as possible to be able to assess the surgeon’s work.


This young patient underwent closed (scarless) rhinoplasty over a year ago.  Her deviated nose was straightened,  tip narrowed, and dorsal hump reduced. No visible scars present.

closed rhinoplasty los angeles

Rhinoplasty by Dr. Grigoryants


Another young patient  shown three years after closed (scarless) rhinoplasty. Her nose was made narrower, dorsal hump removed, and tip supported. Nearly all swelling has subsided by 3 years after surgery. No visible scars present.

Dr Vladimir Grigoryants nose job

Dr. Grigoryants nose job

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