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A Los Angeles board certified plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty (nose job), including  closed (scarless/endonasal) rhinoplasty and open rhinoplasty, as well as cosmetic plastic surgery of the body and face. His practice is located in Glendale,  California. Dr. Grigoryants is following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who were both surgeons. Dr. Grigoryants provides his patients with effective and most advanced plastic surgery procedures in the safest possible environment. Experience matters. Dr. Grigoryants is one of the busiest surgeons in the country as he performs surgery every day (Monday through Friday). Dr. Grigoryants has performed thousands of rhinoplasties.  Patients come to Los Angeles  to have procedures performed by Dr. Grigoryants from all over the United States as well as from other countries.  Many medical professionals  including anesthesiologists, nurses, ENT doctors, and even plastic surgeons choose Dr. Grigoryants for their procedures or refer friends and relatives. Dr. Grigoryants performed closed rhinoplasty on stars or Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, season 3 (2013) and season 11 (2021).

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Voted by his peers and recognized as a Top Doctor 2018 by Los Angeles Magazine and by Pasadena Magazine in 2019.  Dr. Grigoryants’ extensive surgical experience  and artistic ability allowed him to improve some of the plastics surgical procedures resulting is better outcomes.  His rhinoplasty techniques  were  published in the  internationally   read   Aesthetic  Plastic Surgery Journal (June, 2013) and his experience with lipoabdominoplasty  (advanced tummy tuck surgery) was published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal  (January, 2013).  Dr. Grigoryants is a peer reviewer of rhinoplasty and plastic surgery articles submitted for publication to an international plastic surgery journal.   Dr. Grigoryants has been invited by various media outlets to give his opinion on plastic surgical procedures.

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We are no longer testing for COVID 19 prior surgery if you are not having any symptoms which may suggest Covid infection. In addition to in-person consultations, we are offering online consultations. To schedule, please us at (818)396-5551 or email us at vgplasticsurg@gmail.com 

 Convenient free parking is available in the back of the building. 

During your consultation, Dr. Grigoryants will evaluate your concerns and goals. He will then discuss potential treatment options making sure that you are fully informed before making a decision. Your consultation will be conducted in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  For rhinoplasty patients, in-office computer imaging will be performed to discuss the goals and possible outcomes. Dr. Grigoryants will not recommend and will advise against procedures that are not likely to produce a good outcome. Dr. Grigoryants applies up-to-date medical knowledge and technology to achieve the best possible results and make your recovery as fast as possible. Dr. Grigoryants personally sees all patients before surgery and after surgery for all follow-up visits. Your surgery will be performed at an accredited multispecialty surgery center to maximize safety and provide the highest possible quality of care.  Dr.  Grigoryants works with experienced doctor anesthesiologists. You will be able to contact the doctor directly with any questions or concerns following your procedure.  Please review Dr. Grigoryants’ work in our Before and After gallery. More recent before and after photographs are available on our Instagram page (see below).

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Dr. Grigoryants is a leading rhinoplasty surgeon specializing in closed or scarless rhinoplasty (nose reshaping or nose job). Dr. Grigoryants performs rhinoplasty every day, Monday through Friday. Rhinoplasty is performed to improve the shape of the nose and in many patients to improve breathing. Dr. Grigoryants performs endonasal (closed) rhinoplasty to avoid unpredictable scarring on the nose and strives to achieve the best possible results. He places incisions inside the nose so that no scar will be present across the bottom portion of the nose. Dr. Grigoryants performs open rhinoplasty in some cases of complex revisions. In some patients, rhinoplasty is combined with chin augmentation, neck liposuction, or upper lip lift to improve facial appearance and balance. Our photo gallery and Instagram page has many examples of these procedures.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Dr. Grigoryants' ethnic mix of patients is diverse including Caucasian, Middle eastern, Hispanic, Asian, and African American ethnicities as his patients come to him for rhinoplasty not only from Los Angeles but also from various parts of the world. Certain nasal anatomy traits and skin thickness variations exist among different ethnic groups. These should be taken into account when performing ethnic rhinoplasty to achieved desired results. The goal of rhinoplasty is to refine the shape of the nose so that it suits the rest of the face and avoid having an operated-on nasal shape. Your nasal anatomy and skin thickness will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Functional Rhinoplasty

Functional rhinoplasty is performed along with cosmetic nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) or alone in patients who are mainly interested in improving nasal airway patency. Mechanical nasal airway obstruction can be caused by a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, and a narrow internal nasal valve. To open nasal airways, Dr. Grigoryants performs septoplasty, turbinate reduction, and nasal valve repair. Patients who have nasal polyps will under polyp removal at the same time. Dr. Grigoryants performs functional rhinoplasty using closed (scarless) technique. He does not use nasal packing after surgery.

Male Rhinoplasty

Many men present to Dr. Grigoryants for rhinoplasty. Some men who undergo nose reshaping prefer to maintain a masculine appearance of the nose including having a straight profile and not raising the tip above 90 degrees. Other male patients prefer to have a slightly sloped profile with a supratip break and the tip raised to about 95 degrees. Dr. Grigoryants will discuss the goals of rhinoplasty with each patient in detail and decide with the patient what shape of the nose will better suit their face.

Nose Feminization Surgery

Patients undergoing facial feminization have turned to Dr. Grigoryants for nose feminization surgery, also known as transgender rhinoplasty. The shape of the nose greatly contributes to the overall feminization of the face. In general, to give the nose a more feminine shape, Dr. Grigoryants may need reduce the dorsal hump, narrow the tip of the nose if wide, raise the tip of the nose to 95-100 degrees, and reduced the width of the nostrils. As part of feminization (transgender) rhinoplasty, Dr. Grigoryants will also open the nasal airway.

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is commonly performed by Dr. Grigoryants. He performs revision rhinoplasty using closed and open rhinoplasty techniques. In some patients who do not have enough septal cartilage left, ear cartilage may need to be used for nasal reconstruction. Not every patient would be a candidate for revision rhinoplasty. Dr. Grigoryants may need to review the Operative Report of your previous rhinoplasty to know what was done before. Patients with much scarring and thick skin are less likely to benefit from additional surgery.

Breast Surgery

Dr. Grigoryants performs breast augmentation, breast reduction, and breast lift. In women with sagging breasts, breast lift will improve the shape and position of the breasts. Breast lift may be performed alone or combined with breast augmentation. Many women who are bothered by large and heavy breasts benefit from breast reduction. This procedure reduces the size of the breasts and lifts the breasts at the same time. For breast augmentation, Dr. Grigoryants uses silicone or saline implants. He also performs breast revision surgery and treats patients with breast implant illness.

Tummy tuck

Is used to remove excess skin and fat in the abdominal area. During a tummy tuck loose abdominal muscles are tightened to further flatten the abdomen. Liposuction is frequently combined with tummy tuck procedures to remove fat excess from the flanks, thighs, arms, or back. Dr. Grigoryants places the tummy tuck incision in such a fashion so that the scar can be easily hidden by underwear. Patients who do not have skin excess but primarily fat excess can be effectively treated by liposuction alone. Dr. Grigoryants performs an advanced tummy tuck procedure to produce best possible results.

Facial plastic surgery

Includes such procedures as face lift, neck lift, brow lift, eyelid surgery, and placement of chin implants. These procedures restore a more youthful appearance of the face. Face lift and neck lift procedures can also be combined with liposuction to remove fat excess in the face and neck. Non surgical facial rejuvenation utilizes such products as Botox, Jeuveau, Dysport, Restylane®, Juvederm, Voluma. Dr. Grigoryants also uses newer products such as Jeuveau (a toxin similar to Botox) and Versa (a hyaluronic acid filler). These injectables effectively reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles.

Case Examples of Dr. Grigoryants’ rhinoplasty work

nose surgery by Dr. Grigoryants

Closed rhinoplasty was performed in this patient to reduce the dorsal hump, deproject the nose, and shorten the length of nostrils. The upper lip was pulled foward by the overprojected nose (called tension lip). After surgery, the upper lip is not pulled and better balanced with the lower lip.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Los Angeles

This patient underwent closed rhinoplasty to remove the dorsal hump and refine the tip, achieving a more feminine and natural result. The patient’s profile after surgery has a straight dorsum with a supratip break. The tip was supported to prevent it from drooping.  Nasal deviation was improved and septoplasty was performed to treat the deviated septum and open the nasal airways.

Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty patient

Dr. Grigoryants performed rhinoplasty on the star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Consultation and rhinoplasty Beverly Hills was shown on season 3 of Real HouseWives of Beverly Hills. He was invited again for  season 11 to perform rhinoplasty on the main star of the show, Kyle.

Dr Vladimir Grigoryants nose job

Three years after closed rhinoplasty. The tip was narrowed and supported. The nostrils were narrowed.  Nearly all swelling has resolved  by 3 years after rhinoplasty.

Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants rhinoplasty cost
Closed rhinoplasty was performed to produce subtle changes. The dorsal hump was removed. The tip was narrowed and lifted. The after photo is taken 1.5 years after surgery.
Rhinoplasty Instagram

Please click here  to view  rhinoplasty videos and immediate after surgery results performed  by Dr. Grigoryants.

Rhinoplasty and upper lip lift

This patient underwent  closed rhinoplasty and upper lip lift. The dorsal hump was reduced, the tip deprojected, and the nostrils were shortened.   The upper lip length was shortened. Upper lip lift is frequently requested by patients in Los Angeles.

Closed rhinoplasty was performed to narrow the tip and nostrils, lift the columella, and reduce the dorsal hump creating a slight slope.  The tip was supported to prevent it from drooping. Septoplasty and turbinate reduction was performed at the same time to open the nasal airway.

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Out Of Town Patients

Many patients fly in to Los Angeles to undergo surgery with Dr. Grigoryants. For out-of-town patients who cannot come to see Dr. Grigoryants in person, an online consultation can be done. Please contact us through this website with your contact information and what procedure you are interested in. Dr. Grigoryants will reply to you with what information and photographs he needs for the consultation. He will make recommendations based on your goals and photographs. Once you schedule your surgery, we will email you what blood tests need to be prior to surgery, information on local stay accommodations, and preoperative instructions. You will meet with Dr. Grigoryants at least one day before surgery for a consultation. On the day of surgery, Dr. Grigoryants will go over the procedure with you again. You would need to stay locally for at least 6-14 days depending on your procedure.


What is a preoperative consultation?

Initial consultation will be done in person for patients who can visit our office or it can be done via email for out-of-town patients.  Closer to the date of surgery, a preoperative consultation is done in person for all patients during which the procedure(s)  and preoperative / postoperative instructions are reviewed, and preoperative photographs are taken.  In the morning of the day of surgery, Dr. Grigoryants meets with every patient again to discuss the procedure before surgery.

Financing Options for Plastic Surgery

Financing is available and many patients choose to finance their procedures. We work with several financing companies listed on our Financing page. Some of the commonly used financing options are PatientFi and Alphaeon. Both of these companies offer a 6-month plan with no interest and 24 or 36-month plans with interest.  Please visit our Financing page to learn more and to apply.


General Rhinoplasty Information

The nose, a central focal point on the face, plays a significant role in both aesthetics and respiratory function.  Rhinoplasty also known as a “nose job,” rhinoplasty allows to modify cosmetic concerns and nasal function.   The procedure also improves breathing, making it an ideal choice for those with nasal airway obstruction

Types of Rhinoplasty Procedures in Los Angeles:

  • Primary Rhinoplasty is a first-time rhinoplasty.
  • Revision  Rhinoplasty is performed to improve ongoing concerns or those from previous nose surgeries.

What is the difference between a closed and open rhinoplasty?

  • Closed Rhinoplasty:  Incisions are placed inside the nose. No scar will be left across the columella. This procedure is also referred to as “scarless rhinoplasty.”
  • Open Rhinoplasty: Utilizing an incision across the columella.

How painful is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is one of the less painful procedures in plastic surgery. Most patients report taking no pain medication or only for the first two days after surgery. Patients typically report discomfort and congestion rather than pain. Few patients will take the prescribed pain medications for 5 days after surgery.

How long is recovery after rhinoplasty?

Dr. Grigoryants will remove nasal splints around 5 days after surgery. Most patients can return to work or school 1 week after surgery.  Work or school from home can be resumed 3 days after surgery. Exercises can be started gradually 3 weeks after surgery. The swelling takes about 12 months to go away from the upper and midnasal areas of the nose.  The swelling in the tip will take up to 3 years to fully go away.


What is the most desired nose shape?

In general, the aesthetic goal of rhinoplasty is to produce a nose that appears natural and in better balance with the rest of the face. For each patient, different shapes will be discussed including the front and side views. We will discuss the degree of nasal narrowing, tip projection, tip angle,  columella position, and possible nostril narrowing.   Some patients may prefer a straight profile and others may like a sloped profile. We will use computer imaging to help visualize those changes.


Does the nose age after rhinoplasty? 

A natural (unoperated) changes with age. The soft tissues and nasal support weaken as we age. Many people notice that the nasal tip widens and droops with age. Rhinoplasty results hold up well over time and slow down nasal aging when the procedure is performed correctly. It is important during rhinoplasty to support the tip to prevent drooping and support the side wall to prevent a collapse. To prevent the tip from widening over time, it is important to use sutures for tip reshaping and not just cartilage trimming.


What kind of anesthesia is used for rhinoplasty?

We use a combination of general and local anesthesia. General anesthesia is provided by experienced anesthesiologists (doctors).  Dr. Grigoryants performs rhinoplasties every day and works with the same team of anesthesiologists. Our anesthesiologists will ensure that there will be no pain during the procedure and minimize the chance of nausea after surgery.


Does Dr. Grigoryants use image morphing during the rhinoplasty consultation?

Dr. Grigoryants does use imaging (morphing) during the consultation to help decide what nasal shape will fit you best.  The morphed images are not a guarantee of the surgical result. Surgical outcomes depend on the surgeon’s skill and experience, the patient’s skin/bone/cartilage thickness, and the forces of postoperative healing.  

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Closed rhinoplasty for a deviated nose.

#rhinoplasty #nosejob #ethnicrhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty for a deviated nose.

#rhinoplasty #nosejob #ethnicrhinoplasty

Closed Rhinoplasty. 
To inquire about an online consultation, DM or press the  Contact button to send an email.

#rhinoplasty #closedrhinoplasty #nosejob

Closed Rhinoplasty.
To inquire about an online consultation, DM or press the Contact button to send an email.

#rhinoplasty #closedrhinoplasty #nosejob

Closed rhinoplasty. 

#closedrhinoplasty #rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty.

#closedrhinoplasty #rhinoplasty

Surgical lip lift is performed under local anesthesia in the office or in combination with other procedures such as rhinoplasty.

#liplift #rhinoplasty

Surgical lip lift is performed under local anesthesia in the office or in combination with other procedures such as rhinoplasty.

#liplift #rhinoplasty

One year after closed rhinoplasty.

#rhinoplasty #closedrhinoplasty #nosesurgery

One year after closed rhinoplasty.

#rhinoplasty #closedrhinoplasty #nosesurgery

1.5 years after closed rhinoplasty.

#rhinoplasty #nosesurgery #closedrhinoplasty #ethnicrhinoplasty

1.5 years after closed rhinoplasty.

#rhinoplasty #nosesurgery #closedrhinoplasty #ethnicrhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty was performed with the goal of producing a  natural shape.

#rhinoplasty #closedrhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty was performed with the goal of producing a natural shape.

#rhinoplasty #closedrhinoplasty