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Common Questions Asked about Breast Augmentation

February 22nd, 2013

Many women seek out the breast augmentation procedure in order to boost self confidence and feel more comfortable with their bodies. Having breast augmentation is a body altering procedure and should be researched thoroughly by women that are considering the surgery to ensure that it is right for them and will help them meet their goals of looking and feeing more beautiful. Knowing more about the procedure and being prepared with information will help you to make the best educated choice possible.

What type of recovery is involved with breast augmentation?

Understanding the recovery of the procedure is important so that you can make sure you can fit it into your lifestyle. If you are unable to take of any work for recovery, or are a full time mom that can’t afford down-time, the procedure may not be the best option at that moment. Typically, pain medication is not needed and recovery can include simple antibiotics, a healthy diet and rest. If main is unbearable your plastic surgeon can administer the necessities. For the first few weeks you will need to wear a support bra and swelling will alleviate by the end of that period. After about 4 weeks you will be able to engage in more physical activities.

What type of implant is used for breast augmentation?

There are two types of FDA-approved implants that can be used, wither silicone or saline. Silcone implants have more recently revolutionized to provide a more natural softness to the breast and have been reported to have a lesser chance of leakage. You can discuss with your surgeon to decide which type of implant will best meet your needs. Along with implant type, there are also different types of incisions that can be used. For more information on the types of incisions, click here.

Can I have a mammogram after breast augmentation?

Women both with and without breast implants should have regular mammograms. Typically, breast implants are placed behind the muscle and breast tissue remains easily examinable.

After researching, and find a plastic surgeon that you think is best for you, it’s time to schedule your consultation. During your consultation you can more thoroughly discuss the breast augmentation process and what you can expect. You can also use this time to ask any questions that you may have or express any doubts you may be feeling. An expert plastic surgeon with be able to set your mind at ease and offer great objective answers to your questions.

If you are ready to take the next step, Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants is ready to help! Visit the site for further details.

Look more feminine by fixing your nose with rhinoplasty

February 16th, 2013

Facial plastic surgery in Los Angeles is quite popular as the competition for looking young is fierce. Aside from competition, there is an increasing desire to look more like the people who are often seen on billboards or tabloid covers. Face lifts, lip augmentations, liposuction and even nose jobs are performed on men and women who want to look more like the stars they idolize and admire.

A nose job, medically known as a rhinoplasty, is very common nowadays. There is news that lots of women go to plastic surgeons and show a picture of Kate Middleton as they want their nose to look like hers. Aside from women, there are men who undergo sex changes and try to look more feminine by fixing their noses to make it look more womanly. Click here

For most women, a perfect nose should be proportional to a woman’s face, have a defined tip, a feminine swoop on the bridge which many believe to be more feminine, and a great projection that starts from the front to the back. It should look fantastic when photographed from any angle.

However, having a beautifully structured nose is not the only thing that men and women aspire for. Some even try to get the same jaw line, cheek bone, or dimples as their favorite stars and celebrities. Plastic surgeons have seen a great demand for some women hoping to look like their favorite idols. There have been women who enter their office carrying a photograph of the face of beautiful celebrities and request that they have different parts of their face altered to look like the ones in the pictures.

A nose job is a fairly simple procedure where the surgeon makes small incisions inside the nose to access the bones and cartilages. This is also to prevent the incisions from being seen. The tissues and cartilages are either given additions or are removed depending on how the patient wants his or her nose to look.

Nose jobs can accomplish a great number of corrections such as the size, width, and profile of the nose as well as the nostrils, nasal tip, and nasal asymmetry. This procedure is better suited for those who are aged 13 years old or more as the facial growth is complete and those who do not smoke or have a better overall physical health.

The overall cost of a nose job depends on the surgeon. Since it is an outpatient procedure, it usually requires a local anesthesia which does not cost as much as a general anesthesia. Achieving the look that one wants is easy thanks to plastic surgery. But it is best to read about the procedure, recovery time, and most especially, your suitability to the procedure. With facial plastic surgery you can enhance your image which will make you feel young and will boost your self confidence. To know more, visit

Are you looking to achieve a perkier Butt with a Brazilian Butt Lift

January 22nd, 2013

Are you looking to achieve a perkier and rounder back end that fills out your jeans? The answer can be found with a Brazilian butt lift in Los Angeles! With this procedure, you can look forward to not only looking great in tight fitting clothes, but also get rid of unwanted fat on other parts of the body. An expert plastic surgeon will harvest the excess fat from the abdomen, thighs or hips and transfer it to the butt to create smooth and attractive contours.If you have a question about Brazilian butt lift Please see resources for further details

With the use of small incisions, the surgeon can extract the unwanted fat to be prepared for the butt augmentation in Los Angeles. Due to the fact the butt is augmented with the use of the patients own tissue, the transfer process is gentle and successful. The fat is injected in small amounts in multiple layers of the buttocks to give the fat that is transferred the ability to connect to the blood supply. This insures the survival rate of the fat in the transfer.

If you are a person looking to add volume to your posterior, then the Brazilian butt lift is for you. Often times, older women seek out the procedure to reverse the affects of age and gravity to create a shapelier contour. Younger patients also are common patients for this procedure if they are looking to enhance their backside. Patients that do not have a lot of excess fat to spare may not be good candidates as their will be no suitable donor site.

Each patient’s recovery time will vary depending on a number of factors. It is best to speak with your plastic surgeon specifically to get an individualized recovery plan. Typically, depending on how much fat is removed will determine the recovery time. The more liposuction performed, the longer it will take to get back to your normal activities. Within a few days of the procedure, you should be good to go back to work and comfortably sit for long periods of time.

If you think that the Brazilian butt lift is right for you, your next step is to find an expert surgeon to perform it. An experienced surgeon will be able to give you the results that you desire and a quicker recovery. By viewing their before and after pictures of other patients, you can get an idea for the types of results they are able to produce. To more about butt augmentation please visit:

Reshape your nose through rhinoplasty

January 12th, 2013
Have you ever looked in the mirror and become fixated with a particular facial feature that you have never been happy with? This is often the case for many people. However, there are options available to those who want to be proactive and change what they don’t like about themselves. Facial plastic surgery in Beverly Hills is a great choice for permanently fixing the particular aspect of the face that is in question. Plastic surgery is often reported to help people regain confidence and self-esteem in their daily lives.

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures today is a rhinoplasty. This is the surgical alteration of the nose to improve breathing capacity and to improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose. There are two main ways of performing a rhinoplasty: the open technique and the closed technique. The open techniques differs from the closed in that it involves an incision being made between the two nostrils at the columnella to allow the cosmetic surgeon to separate the nasal skin and pull it up to reveal the underlying nasal structure. This allows your surgeon ease of access to whatever area of the nose they are altering whether it is the bridge or the tip or the sides.

The closed technique, on the other hand, keeps all incisions inside the nose itself. No incisions are made on the visible facially surface. The surgeon instead separates the skins from the nasal structure but does not pull it away. He or she must work within the confines of the nostrils. This technique is best for a nose job in Los Angeles that does not require extensive tweaking to achieve the desired effect. The close technique is beneficial as it usually requires less recovery time and less swelling and bruising. And the most obvious benefit is that it leaves the patient with no visible scarring at all.

Whatever technique you choose, it is recommended that you choose the one that is best for you and your needs. There are many reasons to undergo cosmetic surgery, but these reasons must be for the individual. There are many factors to take into account such as finding the right surgeon, figuring exactly what you want from this surgery, but ultimately this surgery is all about you and your happiness. Cosmetic surgery is a great option for many, but don’t rush into it blindly. Make sure you are ready and fully informed about all the different factors of the particular procedure you are going for.

If you would like to learn more about nose job and whether you’d be a candidate for nose job surgery in los angeles, please visit our website to find out more

Cosmetic surgery Life After Weight Loss

December 21st, 2012

Not feeling confident with your body can lead to low self-esteem and confidence issues. Even for people that have worked hard to get the body they want do not always reach their goal without a little help. After undergoing a weight loss, people are often left with hanging skin from their arms, tummy, thighs and other areas of the body. Even with diet and exercise these people are unable to tighten up their appearance because of the loss of elasticity in the skin. A skilled plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills will work with you to come up with an individualized surgical plan that will remove excess skin from unwanted areas and tighten your contour for an attractive shape. To know more about plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills please log on to:

One common plastic surgery procedure after weight loss is the arm lift. After a rapid weight loss wither from exercise or bariatric surgery, skin on the upper arms will hang low and loose. This unattractive appearance can lead to limitations in clothing choice and stress in social situations. An arm lift in Los Angeles can remove the excess skin and fat that is located on the upper arm and tighten up the shape to look natural. For some patients that have an excess of upper arm fat with excess skin, liposuction may need to be used in conjunction to achieve optimal results.

Typically, the abdominal area will also be affected by loose and sagging skin after a weight loss. Even after working hard to lose the weight, excess skin can cover up their flat tummy and make it nearly impossible for any muscle definition to show. There may also be severe stretch marks that cause the patient to feel uncomfortable. Luckily, a tummy tuck is just the procedure to solve these problems. During the surgery, your doctor will remove the excess skin. If stretch marks are low enough on the abdomen, they may be removed with the skin. The doctor will also retighten the underlying muscle structure that may have become stretched and distorted with the weight gain.

All patients are different and will require different procedures to meet their goals. The best way to learn more about what after weight loss procedures will help you shape your contour into be a more desirable figure, is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. After doing extensive research to find a qualified surgeon in your area, and scheduling your consultation, you can have all of your unanswered questions answered by an expert. Please Visit our website

The Face Lift: Is it Worth it?

December 11th, 2012

If you have been dreaming about getting that stunning look and making your beautiful face stand out from the crowd, then why don’t you consider having a facelift in Beverly Hills. Face lifting is a relatively new medical procedure that has progressed due to the increasing demand.

To know more about facelift in Beverly Hills please visit:

Though it is being practiced worldwide, you should note that the procedure must be performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon. This way, you are assured of a safe procedure and quality results. It is important to look for the right surgeon before undergoing the treatment. Though this surgical procedure is generally performed on the facial area, it can be also be done on other body parts. It is good to consult your doctor first and wait for his suggestions. Another good way to scout is by asking friends for referrals. It is also crucial that the surgeon has the necessary license that allows him to do the procedure.

A lot of talking, discussing, and setting of expectations must be done before starting with a facelift. Patients usually see the doctor numerous times before moving on with the operation. First, the surgeon determines which parts of the face or the body needs to be fixed and where the surgical procedure will be done exactly. This part of the process helps you get comfortable with the surgeon and more importantly, it is meant to help you better understand your body. There may be some medical conditions that you possess, which might get in the way or will require the procedure to be done only in a specific way. Skin flexibility may also be a factor, which your surgeon must consider. And most important of all, you also need to understand what will happen to your body when you begin the operation. Lastly, the doctor also needs to prepare you mentally for what is to come after performing the operation because the recovery after the operation is another crucial time which you will have to go through.

There is a new form of face lifting being done called a mini-face lift. This is not as sophisticated as a face lift as it is meant to remove small defects in patients’ facial features. It usually makes someone more attractive by way of contouring a certain part in the face to enhance a patient’s beauty. It is becoming a widely preferred option because it does not require the surgeon to operate on an entire facial area. This means less incision as it usually focuses only on a single area.

Whatever type of facelift you want, it is important to consult with your doctor or surgeon first. Many centers feature face lifts and facial contouring in Los Angeles so do not hesitate to keep searching for the one that suits you best. With a properly done facelift, you’ll surely be any event’s star of the night!

There is a lot more helpful information about The Question Of The Value Of A Facial contouring in Los Angeles at our website.

Nose Surgery Consultation in Los Angeles

November 26th, 2012

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular facial plastic surgery procedures around. Dating back to over 4,000 years ago, rhinoplasty has been used to reconstruct and reshape a person’s nose. Today, rhinoplasty is not only used to correct nostril abnormalities or birth defects, but is also used for cosmetic purposes. Not everyone is happy with the size or shape nose that they have been given and with plastic surgery, they will not have to let it bother them forever. Nose surgery in Los Angeles will first begin with a consultation.

Typically, a consultation will begin with an in depth analysis of your nose. You will also discuss with the surgeon your goals for rhinoplasty in Los Angeles and what you are looking to have corrected. Some common reasons that nose surgeons get patients seeking rhinoplasty include:

· Birth defects that have affected the nose.

· Difficulty breathing because of a nostril abnormality.

· Excessively flared nostrils.

· A dorsal bump that is too prominent.

· A not proportionate nose in relation to other facial features.

· Bulging tip at the end of the nose

It is important that your plastic surgeon understand your reason for wanting rhinoplasty in full so that they can accurately set forth a surgical plan for you. They will also explain the limitations of the procedure and what you can expect as far as an outcome. The doctor will discuss the obtainable outcome that is possible and explain the process that they will use to achieve that outcome.

It is extremely important that when you arrive at your consultation that you are fully prepared with questions to ask your potential surgeon. It is also important that you are able to talk about your medical history. It may be wise to first see your general physician to have a comprehensive examination of your general health to present to your surgeon at your consultation. These tools will help your surgeon in determining if you are healthy enough to undergo surgery.

The plastic surgeon will also perform a painless exam in order to analyze the internal structure of the nose and what potential reasons are causing your breathing issues or what areas need to be sculpted to achieve your desired look. You can also talk with your surgeon about the recovery process and what your aftercare treatment plan will look like. Soon enough, you will be on the path to getting the nose that you have always desired or simply breathe with ease.

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Breast Implants to Boost Confidence

November 19th, 2012

Breast Augmentation is one of the most commonly practiced cosmetic procedures across the world being performed by board certified plastic surgeons. Women of different age groups choose the breast augmentation procedure in order to fulfill their desires of aesthetically fuller breasts that may have lost their volume as a consequence of multiple pregnancies or after a substantial weight loss. The aging process is also believed to be another factor that leads to sagging and drooping breasts which can be enhanced by breast implants in Los Angeles of the appropriate size.

Good Candidates for breast augmentation include:

  • Those that are unhappy with the shape or sizes of their breasts
  • People that have a loss of breast skin elasticity after childbirth, aging or breastfeeding.
  • People that have asymmetrical breasts.
  • Those that have undergone a substantial weight loss

Breast implants in Beverly Hills helps in augmenting small and sagging breasts by placing suitable breast implants of required size for regaining the pre-pregnancy figure. Breast implants are also an aid for reconstructing breasts after experiencing mastectomy or traumatic injury.

The procedural steps followed during breast augmentation surgery starts with the administration of anesthetic medication that soothes and numbs the requisite area to be treated. Incisions are to be incorporated subtly to ensure minimally visible scarring. The positioning of the incision option is discussed with the surgeon to ascertain desired outcomes as expected by prospective candidates. Incisions to be placed vary depending upon the type of breast implant, the anatomy of breasts, degree of projection and mainly by candidate-surgeon preference.

The most important step of all is to make a decision about which type of implant to use. The final say regarding the implant size is made by the surgeon considering the patients expectations, degree of enlargement, breast anatomy, elasticity and body type. Patients can select between different options for breast implants that differ in the type of fill material. Saline and silicone gel breast implants are the most popular types of implants that are usually preferred by surgeons and patients. Saline implants comprise of sterile salt water solution and the varying amount of solution defines the shape, texture and the feel of the implant. Silicone gel implants contain elastic gel and imitates real breasts. The texture and feel of silicone gel implants is similar to that of real breast which is why they are often preferred over saline gel implants. After placing incisions, the breasts implants are inserted into the pockets that are made either just below the breast skin or underneath the breast muscle depending upon body type and recommendation of the surgeon. Finally after insertion of breast implants, the incisions are closed by placing sutures layer by layer followed by which, medical adhesive or compression garments are worn in order to extend support to the treated area.

The post operative recovery period lasts for 24-48 hours. However, patients are advised to refrain from normal routine activity for a period of at least a few days after which they can gradually indulge in their daily tasks. Breast augmentation results are immediate, however, post-surgical effects like swelling and scars fade away with time. Talk with an expert board-certified surgeon if you are interested in breast augmentation.

Arm Lift And Thigh Lift -A Skin Tightening Procedures After Weight Loss

November 10th, 2012

Over a third of American adults are considered obese. Obesity is a serious and costly issue and measures must be taken so people are encouraged to lead healthier lives. Obesity is defined as the condition of having too much body fat that it adversely affects the health of the individual. This is different from being overweight which simply means that the individual carries too much weight for differing reasons such as: extra muscle, bone, or water, as well as from having too much fat. There are many causes of obesity. These include consuming more food than is needed, drinking too much alcohol, and not getting enough exercise. 

These individual causes do not stand alone. Most cases of obesity involve a combination of the above reasons in addition to social and cultural factors. Eating habits that are formed in childhood, if unhealthy, can lead to obesity in adulthood. Additionally, the types of food that are available and consumed usually differ based on socio-economic level. People who have a smaller budget for food are more likely to buy foods that are high in carbohydrates and starches while those with a higher budget are able to diversify their diets with quality fruits, vegetables, and meats. Another factor that affects the health of a population is the activity level in an individual’s life. People who work in offices and sit at desks do not have an easy way to stay active and thus are more likely to put on weight.

However, there are many ways in which people can lose excess weight. The most important is to include nutritious foods into the diet. It is best to consume fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables and lean meats. Additionally, individuals should try to include exercise activities in their schedules. Exercising coupled with a proper diet is the best way to shed excess weight. It also is proven to improve the overall mood of an individual and decrease the likelihood of getting diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.

However, if this alone does not provide significant enough results, the individual can opt for surgical procedures such as the lap band, gastric bypass, or liposuction. Yet, after the person loses the weight, the problem of excess, sagging skin on the body remains. This is especially true in the stomach, the thighs, and the arms. This can be fixed by an arm lift in Los Angeles or a thigh lift in Los Angeles. These procedures are performed by a cosmetic surgeon and are usually performed after significant weight loss that has resulted in excess skin. The procedures remove this excess skin and fat to achieve a better body shape.

To know more details about arm lift in Los Angeles please visit:

Be confident with breast augmentation

October 24th, 2012
Every year thousands of women opt to undergo breast augmentation for a variety of reasons. Some women are unhappy with the shape and size of their breasts, while some are looking for a complete breast reconstruction after a masectomy. Having breast augmentation in Beverly Hills helps women to become more confident about their bodies and even will feel a boost in the self-esteem. For women that are considering having breast augmentation, it is very important that they know what to expect in their recovery and that they do the proper research when choosing a plastic surgeon. Most women will have about a two week recovery, but again this is greatly dependant on the surgeon that was chosen for the procedure. An expert plastic surgeon will be able to achieve beautiful results and give their patients little down time.

Breast Augmentation is performed under a general anesthisia and it is important that specific measures are followed leading up to the surgery to prepare. For example, the patient should have been not smoking for at least six weeks and they should have stopped taking anti-inflammatory drugs or any medication that tends to thin the blood. Smoking can cause unhealthy wound healing and increased bleeding during surgery. After waking up from the surgery patients will be groggy and slightly disoriented. Your plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills will talk you through the whole process before it even occurs so that you can calmly no what to expect and have less anxiety.

During your consultation, you will also discuss with your surgeon the placing of the incisions. The placement can depend on a variety of things such as the patient’s aesthetic goals, the type of implant used and the size of the implant. Incisions can be placed in the belly button, in the armpit, in the crease of the breast or even around the nipples. The placement of each incision should be done meticulously as to minimize the appearance of scarring and therefore creating a more natural look. As the incisions heal they may be slightly red and itchy. Patients should try to avoid scratching or further irritating the incisions by all means.

In the end, your recovery process and overall outcome of breast augmentation is dependant on the surgeon that you choose for the procedure. An experienced surgeon will be able to perform the procedure with little scarring and a smooth recovery thereafter. If you potentially jump into having the surgery and do not research the doctor, there is the possibility that you could be unhappy with your results and put yourself at higher risk during recovery. Ensure your happiness in breast augmentation and choose the best surgeon in Beverly Hills. To know more about breast augmentation in Beverly Hills please visit:


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