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What to Expect at Rhinoplasty Consultation:

Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
Several patients every year choose to have nose reshaping surgery either for cosmetic reasons or to improve functionality of the nose overall. Before diving into the idea of having rhinoplasty Los Angeles doctors will go over various aspects of the procedure to deem that you are a good candidate and ready to undergo the surgery. Most consultations will begin with an overall analysis of your reasoning behind wanting to have the rhinoplasty procedure.

This can include you pointing out specific parts of the nose that you do not like, or explaining the difficulty your nose has given you from a functional aspect. This can help your plastic surgeon Los Angeles patients say to understand your goals for the procedure and if they can realistically be achieved.

Patients that seek to have nose reshaping surgery give a variety of reasons for why they think the surgery will help them. Some of the reasons that are given that are deemed to be good reasons for rhinoplasty include:
·         The nose is not proportionate to the other facial features.
·         The tip of the nose is bulging, or too large.
·         There is a visible bump on the nasal bridge.
·         The nostrils of the nose excessively flare.
·         A previous injury has unaligned the nose.
·         Difficulty breathing.
·         Birth Defects
The plastic surgeon needs to understand what you want your nose to look like, but at the same time educate you to realize the limitations of the procedure. By pointing out what you do not like and explaining what you would like, you and your doctor can come up with a look that is obtainable and perfect for you.
On the day of your rhinoplasty consultation it is important that you are ready to discuss your medical history. It may be wise to speak with your general care physician before the consultation so that you have a full understanding of what your plastic surgeon will need to know.  Some of the things that will need to be discussed are any past medical conditions and treatments that were sought out for those medical conditions, any previous surgeries you may have had on your nose and any medications that you are currently taking. It is in the best interest of your health that you are completely honest with your plastic surgeon on your complete medical history.
Potential rhinoplasty patients will also undergo a painless exam of the internal structure of their nose. Measurements will also be taken of the nose and other facial features to give a thorough analysis of size in relationship to the other features. In some cases, other facial surgeries such as a chin implant or lift may be recommended to improve overall balance between all of the features. Once you have completed your rhinoplasty consultation and set a date for surgery, your doctor will set you up with a plan on how to prepare for your surgery day, as well as a plan for after care.

Tips While Preparing For Rhinoplasty:

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Preparing for rhinoplasty is very important to minimize the risk of complications. When you go in for an initial consultation, rhinoplasty Beverly Hills patients say to check your potential surgeon’s credentials. One of the most important things to verify is that the surgeon is board certified. You can also ask to look at before and after pictures to get an idea of what kind of work the doctor does. At this time you can also discuss your goals for having nose surgery Los Angeles doctors say and make sure that the surgeon is prepared to meet those specific aesthetic goals.

Once you have chosen your surgeon and have set a date for surgery, the preparation begins. It is vital to prepare your body for surgery in the weeks prior to surgery. Try to do everything you can to stay healthy. A healthy path to surgery will lead to a speedy recovery. Most surgeons will recommend that you try and avoid alcohol, smoking and any blood thinning medications. The doctor will ask you to stop blood thinners such as aspirin, advil, motril, naposyn, alleve and other medications in this family two week before surgery.  Alcohol consumption, herbal supplements, fish oil, Vitamin E should also be stopped 2 weeks prior to surgery. It is also important to start taking vitamins C to promote healing. It will also help to pre-fill your prescriptions and stock up on soft foods as you probably will not want to leave the house for a few days after surgery.
Not only should you prepare for the day of surgery, but you also need to keep in mind a post-operation plan. Having a plan in place will help you to remain as comfortable as possible after the surgery. By arranging to have a caretaker with you for at least 48 hours after surgery, you can start your recovery off to a great start. Your caretaker can be any family member or friend that can be there to make sure you are getting good meals, water and your needed medications. It is also crucial that you have someone to pick you up after your surgery because with the anesthesia wearing off you will be in no condition to drive. Also, make sure that you arrange to be away from work for at least two weeks.
When the day of surgery has finally come, your surgeon will instruct you about any specific information that you need to know. Some of the final steps you will take on your day of surgery preparation will include thoroughly washing your face. It is important to do this to eliminate any bacteria in the facial region. It is also important to make sure that you do not eat or drink anything the night before surgery and get a nice relaxing night’s sleep. Although these are some important preparation measures, everyone is different and it is important to discuss specific needs with your doctor.
After your surgery is complete, it is time to prepare for your recovery. Take it easy and relax. As long as you did your research when choosing your surgeon and followed all of his or her precautions leading up to and after surgery you should have a smooth recovery. Once the bandages come off and swelling and bruising has dissipated, you can enjoy your new nose and the improved functions that come with it.

Improve The Functionality & Appearance Of Your Nose With A Nose Job:

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

There are several benefits that come from undergoing a rhinoplasty procedure. Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills doctors explain, is also commonly referred to as a nose job. Having a nose job done is most often for patients that are dissatisfied with the appearance or shape of their nose and want to alter the look cosmetically. However, having a nose job Beverly Hills patients say can also provide reconstructive and health benefits. In order to ensure that you are happy with your procedure, make sure to do a lot of research on your doctor to make sure they have the experience needed to perform a flawless nose surgery.

If the patient has suffered from severe injury to their nose, an expert plastic surgeon can reconstruct the nose to look normal again.  During the injury the noses functional purposes may have been lost along with its appearance causing health issues. Reconstructive nose surgery can help to restore the functionality along with its appearance. For those people that have had birth defects affect their life, they too may want to turn to plastic surgery. For example, someone living with nasal deviation may want to consult a plastic surgeon before the deviation worsens.
Structural defects to the nose can be a natural occurrence in some people. If the structure of the nose is not correct, then the patient may have difficulty breathing properly. Having a rhinoplasty procedure may be able to help you breath deeper and easier than before. The patients airways may have been damaged because of some sort of trauma, or the trouble breathing may be caused by the patients’ own natural shape of nose. In both situations, having a nose job can change the shape and size of the nostrils as well as alter the angle of the nose to allow patients to breathe with ease.
Alongside the functional benefits of a nose job there are cosmetic benefits that can help to boost the self-confidence and overall happiness of the patient. When the size, shape and angle of your nose is altered, the surgeon can create an improved facial symmetry that will make the face more aesthetically pleasing. Among these few benefits of the rhinoplasty, there are several others that have not been mentioned. If you feel like you are a good candidate for a nose job, contact an expert plastic surgeon to set up a consultation. Make sure that you discuss the goals for having a nose job to ensure that your surgeon creates the perfect nose for you.

plastic surgeon Beverly Hills – Plastic Surgery For Best Results

Saturday, October 29th, 2011
For years patients have begun a new chapter in their lives by improving their appearance and increasing self-confidence through a tummy tuck Beverly Hills plastic surgeons explain that having plastic surgery is a big decision that should be given thorough consideration, and that in order to decide if cosmetic surgery is right for you, it is important to consider a number of different things before you finalize your decision. Whether you are considering a facelift, breast augmentation, or rhinoplasty Beverly Hills patients need to spend some time researching their options, discussing their individual concerns with a qualified plastic surgeon and considering the following factors before making their final decision.
It is important for potential plastic surgery patients to bring realistic personal expectations to the table.  According to a top experienced plastic surgeon Beverly Hills patients are encouraged to remember that surgery is never a quick fix for life’s problems. It can lead to disappointment, frustration and even depression going into a procedure with the belief that it will miraculously change one’s life. Having realistic goals and expectations about what plastic surgery entails is a very important factor in the decision making process.
For any plastic surgery procedure including a rhinoplasty Los Angeles patients will be given a thorough health assessment to determine their overall health status. In addition to your physical health, you doctor will also consider your psychological and emotional well being. Individuals suffering from depression or other mental illnesses are typically not considered good candidates for plastic surgery. Before you decide to have plastic surgery, think about your own physical and emotional health. Determine if you are generally healthy, and if you are you emotionally prepared to deal with the effects of plastic surgery after the procedure.
Plastic surgery, which is generally classified as elective surgery, is not typically covered by insurance, which means that you will need to fund the procedure yourself. While there are many different financing options for cosmetic procedures, giving serious thought to whether the surgery fits into your budget and your lifestyle is an important part of getting plastic surgery. It is absolutely essential to choose a plastic surgeon that is qualified, skilled and experienced in order to achieve the best possible results. There are many ays to find a good surgeon, including asking for referrals from area doctors and hospitals. Once you have been referred to particular doctor, check his or her qualifications and credentials with your states medical licensing board. Then, schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your options.  For additional information, visit at 1808 Verdugo Blvd., Suite 303 Glendale,  CA 91208 to learn more.

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Top Performed Surgical Cosmetic Procedures in Los Angeles

Saturday, June 25th, 2011
In Los Angeles, Cosmetic Surgery has helped many individuals reach their desired cosmetic goals. Each procedure is tailored to fit each patient’s needs as no two patients are alike and their cosmetic needs will differ. During the consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles patients can receive information about the procedure, preparation, post-operative care, and also discuss their concerns and goals that they hope to achieve with a plastic surgeon.  When searching for a plastic surgeon it is important to take their education, patient ratings, and before and after photos into careful consideration. The before and after photos give the best visual idea of what types of results they achieve for their patients, and what types of results they can achieve for you.
In 2010, 31,205 Liposuction procedures were performed for patients from age 20 to 29 throughout the United States according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). As many individuals suffer with stubborn fat deposits on areas of the body that make the body seem disproportionately shaped, at times, diet and exercise may not be enough to receive desired results. Liposuction treats this condition by suctioning excess fat from the targeted area. With Liposuction Los Angeles patients can contour areas of the body that are protruding or have hard to lose areas of fat. Liposuction is in the top 5 surgical cosmetic procedures performed because of the effective results it provides its patients that no other alternative treatment can provide.
Rhinoplasty is also one of the top 5 surgical cosmetic procedures performed with 75,546 completed in patients from ages 20 to 29 in 2010 according to the ASPS. There are many individuals born with a nose that is too dominant for surrounding facial features drawing unwanted attention and becoming a source of insecurity and self-consciousness. With a Nose Reshaping procedure or Rhinoplasty Los Angeles residents can reshape the nose to a more refined contour that harmonizes with other facial features. A Rhinoplasty procedure can also improve the facial profile overall by bringing it more balance and may also eliminate breathing problems.
In 2010, 90,273 Breast Augmentation procedures were performed in 20 to 29 year old patients according to the ASPS, making it the top surgical cosmetic procedure performed for that year.  With Breast Implants Los Angeles women can enhance the size and shape of their breasts, enlarging them to a youthful yet natural look. Breast implant size and type is determined with the help of a plastic surgeon, as they will know which will best suit a patient’s body type according to their height, frame, and body type. Breast Augmentation procedures help patients feel confident, sensual, and feminine.

Cosmetic Procedures for a Positive Self-Image

Thursday, January 13th, 2011
Self-Image is a struggle many face as many of us do not look the way we would like resulting in negative feelings towards ourselves. Plastic Surgery provides a permanent and effective means to making physical changes to present an over better facial and body profile for all patients. With a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles patients have been able to consult with a professional about enhancing and correcting physical imperfections. With many procedures and treatment to treat the face, body, breasts, or skin, plastic surgery provides its patients with treatments that help them achieve their desired results.
Many women have struggled with the size and shape of their breasts as many women with small breasts have said to feel less feminine due to the size of their breasts. With a procedure like a Breast Augmentation Los Angeles patients have been able to increase the size of their breasts and enhance their shape and volume. The goal of a breast augmentation procedure is to increase the size of the breasts without compromising a look that is natural and youthful. Breast Implants used during a Breast Augmentation procedure are carefully chosen with the help of a plastic surgeon making recommendations as to which type and size of implant best for the patients’ needs.
With a procedure like Liposuction Los Angeles patients are able to contour bodies of their area that may have localized fat deposits or “problem areas”. The procedure can be performed on almost all areas of the body making it popular and widely-used. This procedure removes fat and excess skin from these problem areas to reveal an overall figure that is proportionate and contoured. Liposuction is also used during a Tummy Tuck, or Abdominoplasty, procedure that targets the abdominal region. During a Tummy Tuck the abdominal muscles are tightened while liposuction is used to remove the excess skin and fat. The results look natural as the midsection becomes tightened and contoured making it proportionate to the overall figure of the body.
With a nose reshaping procedure, or Rhinoplasty Los Angeles patients can refine and reshape their nose to better fit their facial profile. A Rhinoplasty procedure enhances and refines a nose that may be too wide, too long, or maybe have a nasal tip that may need reshaping. The nose is a dominant facial feature and at times a patient may feel their nose is too prominent and may need reshaping. These patients make for good candidates of the procedure after a medical health evaluation among other evaluations before a plastic surgeon may deem a patient to be a good candidate for any procedure. Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon if you are a prospective cosmetic surgery patient for recommendations on procedures and possible alternative treatments.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon

Monday, October 18th, 2010
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon provides a wide range of plastic surgery procedures, including rhinoplasty, breast augmentation and tummy tuck surgeries. A qualified and experienced surgeon, he is renowned for his quality surgical results and his unwavering commitment to patient satisfaction. Surgical procedures are performed in a fully certified, aesthetically pleasing facility designed for safety and comfort.
Rhinoplasty Los Angeles provides advanced rhinoplasty or nose reshaping procedures in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. Nasal surgery achieves an improved but natural contour, while correcting any internal deformities causing breathing problems. During consultation,it’s important to review computer images of what the patient’s nose will be like after surgery. Both “closed” and “open” rhinoplasty procedures are used.A small inconspicuous incision is made underneath the tip of the nose and between the nostrils. The skin above the nose is pulled back and the underlying bone and cartilage are sculptured very precisely under direct vision. The skin is then put back into place and sutured. Rhinoplasty is very safe; sutures and a light plastic splint used to protect the nose are removed within a week.
A tummy tuck or abdominoplasty procedure is done to flatten the abdomen, remove excess skin, fat and stretch marks, and tighten loose abdominal muscles. Tummy Tuck Los Angeles specializes in tummy tuck procedures that enhance the lives of its patients. A mini-abdominoplasty is recommended for patients with limited muscular laxity and limited excess skin in their lower abdomen. Liposuction is often done in the abdominal area to obtain an improved abdominal shape. Comprehensive postoperative care is provided to patients for a quick recovery.
If contemplating breast augmentation in Los Angeles, Breast Augmentation Los Angeles is the place.It’s highly qualified and experienced surgeons provide a high patient satisfaction rate.The aim of breast augmentation is to achieve larger and shapelier breasts. It’s a straightforward surgical procedure done on an outpatient basis. Saline or silicone breast implants can be chosen. Implants can be inserted through incisions under the breast, around the areola or through the armpit. They can be placed in front of, or behind the pectoralis muscle.  Several breast implant shapes are available today. Size and shape selection varies with patient desire, chest size and the amount of breast tissue present.

Plastic Surgery: Procedures of Positivity

Saturday, October 9th, 2010
For many, body image is an ongoing struggle as there are many with problem areas they wish they could change or modify. Making cosmetic changes not only change the way a person looks, but also how they feel. With a great Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles patients are able to receive lifestyle-enhancing treatments and procedures. You should be prepared to ask your plastic surgeon about any questions or concerns you have having about a procedure or treatment. Researching your plastic surgeon’s qualifications and before and after photos of past procedures should also give you a better idea of the results you will be receiving. With a procedure like Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck Los Angeles patients receive results of a contoured mid-section as abdominal muscles are tightened during the procedure. Tummy Tuck procedures are commonly recommended for patients who have lost a significant amount of weight or whose abdominal area is a problem area for weight loss.
With Breast Augmentation Los Angeles patients achieve fuller breasts and a more femininely-shaped body after a consultation with their plastic surgeon. During consultation the type of implant to be used and its size is recommended by your plastic surgeon to help you make a final decision on your procedure results. Plastic surgery provides lifestyle-enhancing procedures performed by your plastic surgeon that will allow you more self-confidence. With a procedure such as Rhinoplasty Los Angeles patients are able to receive a more refined nose that flows well with the other features of their face. For many, this may boost self-esteem to change a feature of the body the patient was uncomfortable with in the past.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Monday, September 20th, 2010
Having a beautiful, youthful looking body and face can make anyone feel confident and self-assured. Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon helps patients achieve their cosmetic goals, using the latest plastic surgery techniques and technology. A qualified and talented board certified plastic surgeon, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon provides the finest care in its surgical enhancements.
Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery is used to achieve an improved nose shape which is more harmonious with the rest of the face, while also correcting any internal deformities causing breathing problems. Rhinoplasty Los Angeles performs the best rhinoplasty surgeries of the region. At an initial consultation the surgeon discusses the patient’s goals and the most appropriate procedure for them. Sometimes diet and exercise just can’t get rid of the excess fat and skin from the abdominal area. Pregnancy can leave behind muscles that have lost their form and stretch marks that simply don’t disappear. An abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck removes excess skin and fat, and tightens the abdominal muscles to get rid of those stretch marks for good. Liposuction or body contouring is also done to obtain a tight waist and beautiful curves. Tummy Tuck Los Angeles is dedicated to producing outstanding results in tummy tuck procedures. During surgery, an incision is made from hip bone to hip bone, in the shape of a smile. A second incision is made around the belly button to free it from the abdominal tissue. The skin is then lifted, exposing the abdominal muscles. The muscles are tightened, reducing the waist line. Excess skin is stretched and removed. The remaining skin is redraped over the abdomen and sutured in place. The belly button is then brought out in its new place. The inconspicuous incision lines are easily hidden in a bikini bottom.
Breast augmentation surgery with breast implants is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery. Safe and effective, breast augmentation surgery can effectively alter a patients appearance in a few hours. Breast Augmentation Los Angeles helps its patients achieve their breast augmentation goals. It helps patients increase their bust size, while its meticulous surgical skills minimize visible scars. Both silicone and saline breast implants of different shapes and sizes are used. Together with the surgeon, the patient chooses the best implant size and shape for her body. The implants are introduced during surgery either under the chest muscle or beneath the breast tissue. Larger and shapelier breasts result, clothes fit better and there is a marked increase in self confidence!

Cosmetic surgery, breast implants

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

A lot of recent advancements in medical and surgical sciences have developed techniques that are used in alteration, restoration and enhancement of various body parts. One of the most common techniques is cosmetic surgery. In the recent past, the demand for cosmetic surgery has sky rocketed. The reasons for this can be attributed to minimal post-surgical complications, effective results, low risk, and time efficiency. Some of the most sought after surgeries include breast augmentations, liposuction, tummy tuck, eyelid surgery, and nasal surgery.

Amongst women, one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery is breast implants. This surgery helps to regain or enhance the size and shape of the breasts. Initially, saline implants were frequently used but later they got replaced by Silicone implants. Silicone implants are considered to be softer and provide a more natural look. Moreover, the side effects associated with Silicone implants are too less in comparison to Saline implants. Surgeons have mostly utilized round and teardrop implants. In addition to the use of low- and high-profile implants, medium profile implants were also introduced.

Health care professionals need to be consulted on a regular basis if any symptoms like infection, deflation, or shift in location are observed. If such kinds of symptoms are observed, then patients should prefer going for ultrasound, MRI or mammography. It is often recommended that implants should be replaced every ten years. In case of older people, regular consultation with the radiologist or consultant physician is recommended.

A renowned rhinoplasty los angeles surgeon with adequate knowledge and experience should be considered for this procedure. A feedback can also be sought from the patients who have already undergone this surgery. If a women takes a decision with confidence, this surgery will be a boost up in self-esteem, appearance, and confidence. You can refer to a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon. Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills surgery procedures are renowned worldwide. Also, breast augmentation Los Angeles are being done by some of the best known plastic surgeon. Los Angeles offers you the latest technology and best treatments.


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