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More Information about Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Nose Job Los AngelesThere are many different reasons why one might get a rhinoplasty. Some get the procedure done for cosmetic reasons, while others for medical reasons. Ethnic rhinoplasties are becoming very popular. One of the most challenging aspects of nose surgeon’s job is to perform a rhinoplasty while still retaining the nose’s “ethnic” appearance. This is why the initial consultation is so important. Some patients want a completely new nose, while some just want to make small changes. It is important that both the rhinoplasty surgeon and the patient are on the same page before the procedure.

Ethnic groups often have certain characteristics to their nose that they want to change. For example, Many African American noses have wide bases and less sharply defined tips. They often have thick skin at the tip of the nose, giving it a bulbous appearance. In addition, some ethnic noses have a wide and flat bridge or a bridge with a bump. When looking into a Beverly Hills rhinoplasty many minorities have the desire to change these things without losing their nose’s ethnic identity. When seeking a nose job Los Angeles minorities usually don’t want their nose to look completely like a Caucasian nose. They just want to change one undesirable part. For this reason, the Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeon must be very skilled.

Ethnic noses often require extensive work to create the desired look. They often have very thick skin and poor cartilage support. This is common among African Americans, Middle Easterners and Asians. Often, the nose surgeon will use the patient’s own cartilage. The cartilage is often taken from the septum or ear as these are accessible places. It is used to define the tip of the nose. This is a frequent complaint of ethnic rhinoplasty patients; they want a more defined tip. It is important for the surgeon to not take too much tissue away from the nose. Sometimes a rhinoplasty patient will decide that they want a revision rhinoplasty; if there is too much tissue taken away, it will be very difficult to make further changes on the nose without excessive grafting.

One of the biggest complaints that patients have is that they have a bump on the bridge of their nose. Many Middle Eastern patients’ noses have thick skin and want a reduced bump, for example. Many of these patients don’t want any changes to their nose except to have the hump reduced. In this case, removing the hump is comparatively simple. However, some patients are unhappy with their nostrils or the width of the nose. This is more difficult and takes a skilled surgeon to make sure the nostrils are symmetrical.

When getting a rhinoplasty Beverly Hills residents must be sure to research different plastic surgeons. Just like when getting a breast augmentation or breast reduction Los Angeles residents should look at a surgeon’s before and after pictures. A surgeon’s before and after pictures are a good guide to finding an experienced surgeon. In the case of ethnic rhinoplasties, this is especially important. Make sure the surgeon has extensive experience with ethnic rhinoplasties!

Frequency of Plastic Surgery in 2009

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Los Angeles Plastic SurgeonThe American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has recently reported almost 10 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in 2009. Like most other industries, the plastic surgery industry has suffered from the effects of the recession. The number of overall cosmetic surgery procedures dropped by 2.4% from 2008-2009. This is a relatively small dip in cosmetic surgery numbers. Since 1997, the number of annual plastic surgery procedures has increased by 146.7%. Therefore, many industry professionals believe that the drop is directly related to the recession and will certainly increase in the coming years.

In 2009, nearly all plastic surgery procedures decreased in frequency. The only plastic surgery procedures which increased were buttock augmentation and buttock lifts. The biggest procedure drops were seen in forehead lifts, facelifts, surgical lip augmentation, and chin augmentation. On the other hand, non-surgical procedures have experienced a boost in the last few years. The most popular procedures are anti-aging injectables and laser treatments such as Botox, Restylane, Juvederm, and laser hair removal. It makes sense that non-surgical procedures increased in frequency because of their ease and cost. Most procedures cost less per treatment and usually require less recovery time. This is often the way to go for patients who want to save money where they can.

When visiting their plastic surgeon Los Angeles residents will often ask for breast implants. For the second year in a row, 2009 statistics have reported that breast augmentation is the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery in the United States. Some professionals are reporting that when it comes to breast implants Los Angeles women are eager to visit their plastic surgeon for more realistic silicone gel implants. There was a 20 year moratorium on silicone gel implants that have recently been lifted. Breast augmentation surgery is the most popular surgery for patients 19-34 years old; while liposuction is the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure for patients age 35-50.

When thinking of rhinoplasty Los Angeles residents often guess that southern California is the biggest hot spot for the popular surgery. In reality, the region of the United States reporting the most rhinoplasty procedures is the New England and Middle Atlantic states. The number of overall rhinoplasty surgeries in the United States decreased by about 8% between 2008 and 2009. The number of rhinoplasty procedures is, like breast augmentation surgery, expected to increase as the economy improves.

Whether getting breast implants or rhinoplasty Beverly Hills residents are encouraged to visit a Board Certified plastic surgeon in their area and ask questions about the procedure in which they are interested. In addition, if you are considering getting plastic surgery and cost is an issue, there are many companies and plastic surgeons that offer plastic surgery financing.

The (Not So) Elusive Male Rhinoplasty

Friday, June 4th, 2010

When thinking of plastic surgery, especially the rhinoplasty Los Angeles residents tend to think that only women are going under the knife. However, this is far from true. Although most plastic surgery procedures are done predominantly on women, men are joining in on the plastic surgery craze as well. This is partly because of the “metrosexual” movement. It is becoming more and more socially acceptable for men to take care of their appearance and their body. Some American men are beginning to turn to plastic surgery to improve their appearance.

There are a small percentage of men and women who undergo rhinoplasty surgery in order to eliminate breathing problems, but many want to reduce their nose size and make their face appear more balanced. By contacting a plastic surgeon Los Angeles residents can now change the shape of their nostrils, alter the tip of the nose, and make general changes to boost one’s appearance and self-image. Just as for women, however, there are restrictions on who can get plastic surgery. For example, young men under the age of sixteen should not undergo rhinoplasty surgery because the nose is still growing. Many young men are self conscious about their nose’s appearance but they should wait until they are old enough to understand the full ramifications of the process. When undergoing a rhinoplasty Beverly Hills and Los Angeles men must make sure they are doing it for the right reasons. The surgery cannot completely change your nose. It can alter the appearance but one must have realistic expectations as to how it will look after the procedure. Many people like to look at the “Before and After” pictures that most plastic surgeons have on their websites. One can look for a nose similar to theirs and see the changes that were made. Then he can ask himself if that is what he wants his nose to look like as well. Every nose is different but one can get a good idea of what he will look like after the procedure.

The main difference between the male rhinoplasty and the female rhinoplasty is that men tend to have thicker skin layers and a stronger bone and cartilage. In addition, it is very important for most males undergoing rhinoplasty to retain their nose’s “masculinity.” The ideal modern male nose is usually characterized by a strong and straight nasal dorsum as opposed to a soft feminine nose. A skilled plastic surgeon will be very careful not to make the nose too small or thin when performing a male rhinoplasty. When contacting a plastic surgeon Beverly Hills men must be very clear on what they want out of the surgery and what they expect their nose to look like!

The Importance of Choosing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

When looking to get a serious plastic surgery such as rhinoplasty Los Angeles residents may not know exactly how to measure the quality of a plastic surgeon. Almost all plastic surgeons have a plethora of before and after pictures on their website that display quality work. However, before and after pictures are certainly not the first thing one should look at when choosing a plastic surgeon. Another important criterion is whether or not the surgeon is certified by a credited organization. For example, a surgeon should be certified with The American Board of Plastic Surgery. It is a respected board organized in June 1937 to establish requirements for the qualifications of applicants who request a certificate of their ability in the field. Competency in plastic surgery implies a special combination of basic knowledge, surgical judgment, technical expertise, ethics and interpersonal skills in order to achieve satisfactory patient relationships and problem resolution. It is an extremely specialized field and in general, it is not a good idea to get a plastic surgery procedure done by someone who doesn’t focus solely on plastic surgery.

Once candidates for the American Board of Plastic Surgery have met the requirements for acceptability and passed the required examinations, the Board will issue certificates attesting to their qualifications in plastic surgery. A Board certified surgeon should have special knowledge and skill in the design and surgery of grafts, flaps, free tissue transfer and replantation is necessary. Competence in the management of complex wounds, the use of implantable materials, and in tumor surgery is required.

When looking for a certified plastic surgeon Los Angeles residents should also see if their chosen plastic surgeon is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The mission of the ASPS is to advance quality care to plastic surgery patients by encouraging high standards of training, ethics, physician practice and research in plastic surgery. It also advocates for patient safety and plastic surgery education. Its members are at the forefront of technological advancements in the field of plastic surgery and it is a very important criterion when looking for a plastic surgeon. When making the decision to get a complicated surgery like a rhinoplasty Beverly Hills residents can look to see if the surgeon’s website features the ASPS Member Surgeon logo. One can also go to to see a list of Board certified plastic surgeons.

Many people don’t realize how serious plastic surgery is. Most procedures require extensive recovery time and great skill on the part of the surgeon. Plastic surgery is not cheap, and one can research what Board certified surgeons charge for a certain procedure. For example, if a surgeon charges $2,000 less than a Board certified plastic surgeon for a breast augmentation Los Angeles residents must be wary and make sure the surgeon has the proper credentials and experience. In today’s economy cutting costs is very important but compromising ones safety to do so is not a good idea.

Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles – Rhinoplasty and Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills

Friday, April 9th, 2010

plastic surgeon Los AngelesLos Angeles is one area that is well known worldwide for an above average amount of plastic surgery procedures. The list of plastic surgeons for these specialties reads like a celebrity who’s who in the field. Beverly Hills especially is targeted as the place to go for rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Surgeons in this field are not only expected to be excellent doctors but must also have the ability to take their craft to the next level and be skilled artisans as well. They must have imagination and an eye for the desired outcome along with a dedicated and expert staff.

Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills is one of the most common plastic surgery facial procedures. Many young women and men of Los Angeles seek a “nose job” so that the shape of the nose more aesthetically matches the shape and size of the face. Rhinoplasty Los Angeles is especially popular among ethnic Americans who wish to soften and reduce nasal features. This procedure can be challenging for the Los Angeles plastic surgeon. Breathing function must not be sacrificed in constructing a well proportioned nose. Rhinoplasty to correct breathing problems or injuries can also be combined with cosmetic surgery to provide the patient with the function and beauty that they desire.

Breast augmentation is known as one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Beverly Hills. Women in Los Angeles have typically been known to ask for larger implants than those in other California cities. The breast augmentation Los Angeles procedure crosses all ethnic boundaries. Women of all races have a desire to enhance their bust size and figure. The plastic surgeon Los Angeles has the choice of several different types of breast implant materials. Clients can choose a saline implant. This choice is seen as less of risk. If solution should leak into the body, the saline would do no harm. These implants also have a very low infection rate.
Saline breast augmentation implants are a popular choice. These implants are filled with a silicone gel. These are more popular because the silicone gives them a more natural breast like feel. Although there were claims that these implants could cause negative reactions, clinical studies have showed that there have been no adverse reactions. The most important thing to remember in considering either rhinoplasty or breast augmentation plastic surgery in Los Angeles is to discuss all of the pros and cons with the plastic surgeon. Check the credentials and references of the surgeon and take all necessary precautions for safety.

Is Rhinoplasty for You?

Friday, April 9th, 2010

When it comes to breast augmentation Los Angeles has got it covered, however one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures is the rhinoplasty. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of nose jobs increased by 74% in 2009. The procedure can be performed for health purposes, to help someone with breathing for example, or for aesthetic purposes. When the surgery is done to improve the nose’s function, it is called reconstructive surgery. On the other hand, when surgery is used for aesthetic purposes, it is termed cosmetic surgery. Two techniques used by rhinoplasty surgeons are the closed technique and the open technique. During the closed technique, the nasal bones are reached by making incisions within the nostril. After the incision is made, the skin is separated from the underlying bones and cartilages. This method leaves no visible scar because the incision is made inside the nose. During the open technique, the nasal bones are reached by making incisions within the nostril and via the skin that segregates that nostril. This routine is preferable for complicated procedures.

When someone makes the decision to get a rhinoplasty Los Angeles surgeons will advise him or her of the options. Each patient is completely different as no nose is exactly the same as the next. This makes it difficult to perfect the procedure and it takes a skilled, practiced plastic surgeon to do the job. The patient can either be given a local or general anesthesia, depending on the complexity of the procedure. Then, incisions are made to reach the bone and the cartilage support structure of the nose. Next, the underlying bone and cartilage are removed or added o or reorganized to give the nose an improved appearance and shape. The incisions are then closed with dissolving sutures. A splint is used in the nose to maintain the new shape while the nose heals. The procedure is usually carried out as an outpatient procedure and the whole procedure can take an hour or two depending on how much work is involved.

When getting a rhinoplasty Beverly Hills patients are advised to strictly follow the post-operative care procedures. After the procedure, the patient must breathe through his or her mouth. There will of course be swelling and bruising and applying a cold compress can help. He or she can eat or drink after five hours and it is important not to blow the nose. Following the post-operative procedures properly will lead to a fast recovery. Pain, swelling, bruising, a feeling of a stuffy nose, and numbness are normal for a few months but abrupt nose bleeds and infection are not common so it is important to consult a doctor if this happens. When searching for an experienced plastic surgeon Los Angeles is a good place to start. The procedure might be a little more costly but it can save thousands on a revision rhinoplasty procedure to correct a bad nose job.

Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills – What’s to be Expected

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Rhinoplasty Beverly HillsRhinoplasty has become quite a popular surgery in the past few years. Since your nose (along with your smile) is one of the first things people notice about you, it’s easy to develop poor self esteem or feel self conscious if you’re unhappy with how it looks. Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills is a place where you can go to get rhinoplasty done and feel confident that your results will be amazing.

When you do elect to have the surgery you’ll have an array of changes done to your nose. The size and shape will be sculpted to fit the shapes of your other facial features and the overall appearance will be drastically enhanced. And though it will improve your look you have to go into the surgery with realistic expectations. You have to know that it will look better but may not live up to your expectations for how it might change your life. It’s a big step and needs to be thoughtfully considered before choosing to opt for rhinoplasty Los Angeles.

Though rhinoplasty is often a cosmetic surgery, sometimes it’s done for health reasons. The structure of some people’s noses is abnormal from injuries or it may just be the way their nose was formed (during birth your septum can actually be affected). If you have a deviated septum, it can cause you to snore which obviously can be pretty annoying and disturbing to you or anyone sleeping in near proximity to you. Tummy tuck Beverly Hills can fix the problem and even do more work on your nose since you’ll already be there and on the operating table.

If you’re considering breast augmentation Beverly Hills, you’ll need to plan for your recovery. As with any surgery, your recovery will be unique to you but similar to that of other people. A dull headache will usually follow the surgery but severe pain is not usually experienced. Bruising and swelling on the nose and cheeks will appear and the amount will vary depending on your own body. Congestion is common since the inside of your nose will be swollen. This usually lasts for a few weeks. Sleeping after rhinoplasty surgery can be pretty difficult and your doctor may recommend a sleep aid immediately following the surgery. Another important thing to remember about recovery is that you shouldn’t blow your nose until your doctor gives you the go ahead.

Breast augmentation Beverly Hills

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

 Plastic Surgeon Beverly HillsBeverly Hills, California is one of the hottest places to get your plastic surgery done and plastic surgeon Beverly Hills are considered to be best in the trade. Whether its rhinoplasty or face lift, Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills plastic surgery will make sure that all your wishes are fulfilled as per your desire.

If you are looking for tummy tuck Beverly Hills, one of the first decision you as the candidate will have to make is choosing the type of breast implant you want. Certainly the benefits of both – silicone and saline breast implants cannot be undermined. While silicone has become popular in a big way all over the world since its official approval in 2006 by the World Medical Association, saline remains a popular option too. During the period of 1990 to 2003, United States’ surgeons were only allowed to use saline breast implants. This resulted in many women liking it more than the other.

The biggest benefit of using saline breast implants is that they can be induced in the body through a significantly smaller incision. Many women are conscious of the scarring issue of breast augmentation and therefore opt for saline often. With the typical incisions of a Breast augmentation Beverly Hills surgeon, the implant will leave a two inches shorter scar than the size of implants.
As most of us know that saline implants are filled only when they are placed in the body under the breast, the covering of the implant can slid, after folding, through a minor incision in the chest skin. Also, if someone is interested in complete scar less breast augmentation, saline breast implant is the only type to use. This requires the surgeon to be efficient in the transumbilical incision method.
Initially surgeons used to place saline implants above the breast muscles but this caused problems since the rippling of the breast implant could be seen through the skin. It made it rather obvious for a person to know if woman had breast implants. Therefore a new way was introduced for the procedure.

How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty?

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Plastic Surgeon Los AngelesIn recent years, many people have come out in open against the support of breast augmentation and rhinoplasty surgeries. There has been a drastic shift from conservative outlook to a more modern way of living where people don’t hide their desire of using plastic surgery procedures to feel younger inside and outside.

Only a qualified plastic surgeon Los Angeles can perform the complete examination of the candidate’s breasts as per the medical guidelines. As in rhinoplasty Beverly Hills doctors like to click photographs of breast augmentation Los Angeles to keep a record of before and after quality of skin and shape. The candidate is expected to be specific about what they want as it will help the surgeon to meet their expectations.

Prior to the breast augmentation Beverly Hills plastic surgery, surgeons do a pre-surgery check-up and advice certain precautions. These must be followed by every candidate. Generally smokers will be asked to temporarily avoid smoking a week before surgery and instantly stop any other anti-inflammatory drugs to avoid increased bleeding. As largely known, smoking is associated to longer recovery time. A smoker also has greater chance of pulmonary difficulties during plastic surgery operations.

Based on the health condition of the patient, including any the risk or other problems, the American Association Medical Board certified plastic surgeon would instruct each patient individually on how to prepare for breast surgery and rhinoplasty. These preoperative instructions are extremely venerable a patient wishing to maximize the results of their breast augmentation must follow them as it is. It will also help them to avoid any complications during and after the procedure. The doctor can also postpone the date of surgery if he or she finds out that the patient is not following instructions carefully.

Rhinoplasty among Asians

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Nose job  or rhinoplasty for years has been a popular plastic surgery procedure among various ethnics groups. While many groups tend to request a smaller and shorter nose, many Asian patients seek to have a larger and narrower nose. There are several characteristics common to Asian rhinoplasty.

First, a number Asian patients request to augment the bridge the area to reduce the flattened appearance of the nose. Augmenting the bridge area makes the nose look bigger and narrower. Various materials are available to augment the bridge of the nose including synthetic implants, processed tissue, or patient’s own tissue such cartilage or fascia. Most surgeons prefer to use synthetic materials, particularly silicone implants. A silicone implant is easy to place and produces a smooth bridge with a predictable amount of augmentation.

Another step performed in Asian rhinoplasty is tip refinement. Many Asian patients complain of a wide and flat nasal tip. Reshaping of nasal tip usually involves narrowing the tip and augmenting the tip using the patients own cartilage. Augmenting the tip effectively balances the tip with the augmented bridge. Synthetic implants have also been used for tip augmentation but have a higher risk of complications.

Nostril width reduction is also frequently performed as part of Asian rhinoplasty. When reducing the width of the nostrils, a plastic surgeon will balance the nostrils not only relative to the rest of the nose but also relative to distance between the inner corners of the eyes. Any Los Angeles plastic surgeon performing rhinoplasty in Asian patients should aim to produce a natural appearing shape while preserving some ethnic nasal features in those patients desire so.


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