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Am I A Good Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

Friday, May 24th, 2013

There are millions of women all over the world over that are not happy with the size of their breasts. They can have feelings of inadequacy and embarrassment if they feel that they do not have breasts that are large enough. Breast augmentation surgery has helped millions of women feel more confident in their appearance and carry on with their lives in as normal a fashion as before the surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery is accomplished by making an incision into the breast and inserting an implant that is made of silicone or a saline filled pouch. Some augmentation processes are done by adding fat harvested from other parts of the body to the breast but they are less common. There has been some controversy over the years about the safety of silicone implants. Some have been defective and leaked inside women’s bodies causing many different serious illnesses and difficulties. There have been vast improvements in all implants in recent years making the procedure more feasible and safe for many women.

In order for a breast augmentation to be successful, it is necessary for the person desiring the surgery to meet certain criteria. They should be older than the age of 18 as younger girls can continue to grow until that point. Any surgery done before that point has the possibility of being disrupted by the growing body and can produce less than satisfactory results. A woman should also be in good health, be a non-smoker and be finished having children to be an optimum candidate for the surgery. Pregnancy alters the size and shape of the breasts and if surgery is done beforehand, the appearance of the breasts post-pregnancy might be less than satisfactory. It may be necessary to repeat the procedure after pregnancy which has its own risks and should be avoided at all costs.

If you are interested in having breast augmentation, contact board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants.

Plastic Surgery Los Angeles – Breast and Body Cosmetic Enhancement Procedures

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011
With Plastic Surgery Los Angeles residents have been able to cosmetically enhance physical features of the face, breasts, and body. Many patients receive plastic surgery for a number of reasons, however, they all have one thing in common—the desire to look and feel great about themselves. The area they choose to enhance may be particularly chosen because it represents an area the patient may be uncomfortable with as it may be drawing unwanted attention or even be the cause of embarrassment. During the initial consultation with a Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles residents are evaluated for a cosmetic procedure based on their medical history, current health, and the types of results they can achieve with the procedure. Aspects of a procedure like techniques, pre and post-operative measures, as well as recovery time may vary from procedure to procedure.

Body Contouring

Body contouring has become increasingly popular with a procedure such as Liposuction. With Liposuction Los Angeles residents and out of town patients have been able to treat areas of the body such as the arms, midsection, flanks, and thighs that may make the body seem disproportionate. Liposuction entails the use of a cannula to suction excess fat from the targeted area. Before a Liposuction, there are many determinants of patient candidacy aside from medical history. The area is examined for skin laxity and the amount of fat to be removed. For specific areas like the abdomen, a plastic surgeon may recommend a Tummy Tuck procedure for optimal results. A Tummy Tuck, or Abdominoplasty, uses Liposuction for the removal of excess fat, but a technique is also implemented, tightening the underlying muscles for better results. Some patients may not need an Abdominoplasty as their underlying muscles may be strong enough to receive desired results with Liposuction alone.

Breast Enhancement
There are many breast enhancement procedures all designed to give women breasts that look natural and youthful. There are different procedures such as a breast lift, reduction, and augmentation, each serving a specific breast enhancement purpose. Breast augmentation is the most commonly performed procedure according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Many women undergo the procedure because they relate breast size and shape to feeling confident and feminine. Many women also believe that bigger breasts can help them in their daily life and also in their career. With Breast Implants Los Angeles patients enhance the size of their breasts safely and effectively with implants that are designed to provide natural-looking results.

Top Surgical Cosmetic Procedures in Los Angeles

Saturday, March 19th, 2011
With highly effective and affordable Plastic Surgery Los Angeles residents and out of town patients have been able to enhance or correct an imperfection in their face, breasts, or body. Plastic surgery began to bring in attention especially in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, with outstanding results that were unheard of when looking into other alternative types of cosmetic treatments. All cosmetic procedures and treatments are now more effective and safer than ever with advancements in medicine and technology. Beginning with a consultation from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles residents and out of town patients can begin their journey through a lifestyle-enhancing cosmetic procedure or treatment designed to treat their individual needs. With many different procedures that effectively treat specific areas of the face, breast, and body, it is no mystery as to why cosmetic surgery has become highly popularized and recommended.
In the past few years, Liposuction has been in the top 5 surgical cosmetic procedures performed according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, with over 280,000 liposuction procedures performed on average per year. With Liposuction Los Angeles residents—both men and women, can receive a slimmer and more contoured figure as liposuction may be performed on almost any area of the body. Liposuction focuses on removing excess fat from areas of the body that may be considered “problem areas” of the body, or give the body a disproportionate look. During the initial consultation, your plastic surgeon will discuss your area(s) of concern and give an idea of what type of results you can achieve with liposuction. Liposuction focuses on minimizing these problem areas by suctioning the excess fat through a hollow, thin tube called a cannula. The procedure is not a means of weight loss but a means of removing stubborn areas of fat that have not been successfully responsive to weight loss remedies.
The top surgical cosmetic procedure performed according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in the past few years has been Breast Augmentation, or a breast enlargement procedure. The procedure is performed on well over 300,000 patients per year. A woman’s breast size and shape can be directly related to their sense of feeling confident, secure, and sensual. With a Breast Augmentation Los Angeles women can enhance the size, shape, and volume of their breasts, with a simple, safe, and effective procedure. With breast implants, the breast size is increased depending on the patient’s body type and size. The implant size and type are determined with the help of a plastic surgeon, as they will know the best way to receive enhanced yet natural-looking results for patients. They will also discuss the different techniques that may be implemented during your procedure for the insertion of the implants and other important steps that need to be followed both before and after the procedure.

Body and Breast Enhancement with Cosmetic Procedures

Friday, January 28th, 2011
Across the United States men and women have struggled to stay and look healthy and fit with diet, exercise, and cosmetic treatments. However, at times diet, exercise, and cosmetic treatments may not be enough to provide the results we all want and strive for. With Plastic Surgery Los Angeles residents can make physical improvements and enhancements that diet, exercise, and traditional cosmetic treatments cannot provide. Cosmetic plastic surgery has been a long-lasting, if not permanent means of physically enhancing features in the body with procedures and treatments that are safe, effective, and affordable as most plastic surgeon practices offer financing. 

In the United States, breast augmentation procedures have been a consistently the highest performed procedure among women to date. With Breast Implants Los Angeles patients can increase and enhance the size, shape, and volume of their breasts if they are uncomfortable and unhappy with the current size of their breasts.  Women with small breasts opt for this procedure to receive an overall feminine figure. Increasing the size of the breasts enhance a patient’s lifestyle by giving them more confidence and helping them look and feel better about themselves. With a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles patients can receive an initial consultation for the procedure and decide the implant size and type which will be based on the patient’s size, weight, and daily activities to ensure the implant selected will work well with the patient’s anatomy. The plastic surgeon also decides whether or not a patient is a good candidate for the procedure by looking at factors such as medical history and current health among other variables to be evaluated.

For patients who have struggled with diet and exercise to achieve desired body contouring results, the midsection is the hardest area to sculpt and reshape. The abdominal muscles take some time to show results but require a lot of work and at times, men and women cannot receive the results they are trying to achieve. With a Tummy Tuck Los Angeles men and women can finally get the results they deserve with a body contouring procedure that targets the abdominal area. A Tummy Tuck procedure uses Liposuction to remove the excess fat between the abdominal muscles and skin while a muscle-tightening technique is implemented. The results are a midsection that is reshaped, flattened, and contoured  with results that could have not been achieved with diet and exercise alone.

Plastic Surgery for Southern California Patients

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010
For many years, Plastic Surgery has been a means of allowing people to look and feel great about themselves no matter their age. With Plastic Surgery Los Angeles patients have been able to enhance their natural beauty while also correcting physical imperfections. There are many plastic surgeons and procedures available for patients looking to make physical corrections and positive changes. With a procedure such as a Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills patients are able to refine and reshape the nose. The nose is a prominent feature in the face which some patients may feel is too large, wide, or dominant. At times the nasal tip may also need reshaping as it may be too pointed or too rounded. A Rhinoplasty procedure corrects these imperfections and enhances natural beauty with the procedure’s results being in harmony with surrounding facial features. This type of facial plastic surgery procedure performed by a facial plastic surgeon specialist enhances the facial profile with results that look natural and never out of place.
For patients seeking Body Contouring Los Angeles Plastic Surgeons provide procedures that slim and tighten areas of the body that have not responded to diet and exercise.  With Liposuction Los Angeles plastic surgeons are able to implement body contouring procedures to virtually any area of the body. Liposuction is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat from a targeted area safely and efficiently. It is mostly recommended to patients who have lost a significant amount of weight which explains the excess skin and fat on the body. It has also been recommended to patients who have “problem areas” or fat deposits that have not responded to diet and exercise. For patients who would like to receive a body contouring procedure mostly aimed at the abdominal area, a Tummy Tuck, or Abdominoplasty procedure is advised as abdominal muscles are tightened during the procedure and liposuction is implemented. The procedure results in a mid-section that is tightened, slimmed, and contoured. If you are a patient looking to receive a Plastic Surgery procedure, you may find more information or set up an appointment for consultation by visiting

Top Surgical Cosmetic Procedures for Southern California Patients

Friday, November 26th, 2010
Plastic Surgery has given many people the self-confidence they deserve by making physical changes that ultimately make emotional changes as well. For most patients, a procedure is carefully thought out and long awaited. The completion of a procedure may bring many positive mixed emotions as the anticipation to finally look and feel great have arrived. Plastic Surgery Los Angeles patients opt for many different procedures and receive consultations that help in the decision-making process of whether or not a procedure is right for them. At times, a plastic surgeon may recommend alternatives if they feel the results will be just as beneficial to the patient.
With a body contouring procedure such as a Tummy Tuck Los Angeles patients are able to slim and tighten their midsection with the implementation of liposuction during the procedure. In 2009, it was reported that Tummy Tuck, or Abdominoplasty, procedures were in the top 5 surgical procedures with over 120,000 Tummy Tuck procedures performed that year. It isn’t a mystery as to why the procedure has become so popular. The procedure is effective in tightening the abdominal area and contouring it as the abdominal muscles are tightened during the procedure. Liposuction is implemented during the procedure for the removal of excess skin and fat that could not otherwise be removed. Patients with excess skin and fat are good candidates for a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction procedure if their problem area has not successfully responded to diet and exercise. Tummy Tuck and Liposuction procedures provide an option for the removal of these problem areas leaving the body contoured, tightened, and slimmed giving the patient results that may exceed their expectations.
With a facial plastic surgery procedure such as a Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills patients are able to refine and reshape their nose that they were once self-conscious about. Rhinoplasty procedures are also in the top 5 surgical cosmetic procedures performed with over 135,000 procedures performed in 2009. Rhinoplasty procedures are common as the nose is a prominent feature in the face and sometimes may seem too dominating as the nose may be too wide, long, or the nasal tip may need reshaping. A Rhinoplasty procedure performed by a Rhinoplasty specialist provides these changes while also keeping the nasal structural strength in mind.
With a Breast Augmentation Los Angeles patients are able to receive a more defined bust that makes their overall figure feminine. Statistics show in 2009, Breast Augmentation was the top performed surgical cosmetic procedure with over 300,000 Breast Augmentation procedures performed. There are different types of Breast Augmentation implants used for a Breast Augmentation which is decided during the consultation phase with a plastic surgeon. Breast Augmentation procedures are common among women with small breasts looking to enlarge their breasts to feel more feminine and self-confident. The procedure provides breast enlargement that is natural-looking and enhances an overall feminine figure.

Los Angeles Body Contouring and Breast Enhancement Overviews

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
With Plastic Surgery Los Angeles patients are able to receive lifestyle-enhancing procedures that will not only change the way they look, but also the way they feel. It is important for patients to evaluate a plastic surgeon based on qualifications and past procedure results. Checking past procedure results may be done by searching through a plastic surgeon’s before and after gallery and evaluating past patient results. Ensuring your procedure will also be completed in a state-of-the-art facility can ensure safety in an environment with a certified staff that is also caring and helpful.
With Breast Augmentation Los Angeles patients are able to receive breast enhancement and implants that accentuate a femininely-shaped figure. Size and type of implants are determined during the patient consultation with their plastic surgeon. There are saline and silicone types of implants. The type is discussed during consultation to ensure the type of implant flows and works well with the body. Size may also be suggested by a plastic surgeon to match patients’ weight and size. For minimal scarring, the procedure is performed by making a small incision under the breast, through the armpit, or around the areolar. The incision will be made based on patient preference and physical anatomy. The results are enlarged breasts, restored breast volume, and an improvement in breast asymmetry.
With a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles patients receive outstanding body contouring results such as a Tummy Tuck or Liposuction. Liposuction Los Angeles statistics show has been a top surgical cosmetic procedure among men and women as a body contouring procedure. Liposuction is a procedure for patients who wish to remove excess fat and skin on the body and the procedure allows this removal on virtually any location on the body. During consultation, a patient will be asked to express their concern for areas of the body they feel uncomfortable with and may benefit from a liposuction procedure. Once patient candidacy has been evaluated, the patient will be given specific instructions on how to prepare for the procedure and what may follow as special care is needed following the procedure to facilitate tissue healing and control swelling. Patients have found this procedure to be extremely effective with results that exceed their expectations as results are permanent unless the patient presumes weight gain. Body contouring procedures provide results that enhance a patients figure as they result in a figure that is slimmer and more defined.

Top Cosmetic Surgery Procedures for Positive Effective Changes

Saturday, October 30th, 2010
With Breast Augmentation Los Angeles cosmetic surgery patients receive breasts that fit their unique body type and shape to enhance their feminine figure. Breast Augmentation is the top surgical procedure performed by plastic surgeons as women wish to receive breast enhancement that enhances the overall look of their figure. Your plastic surgeon will be able to recommend a good size and type of implant for your procedure as you will still want your implants to flow naturally with your figure. There are saline and silicone implants but your implant type will be recommended to you by your plastic surgeon depending on what they feel best suits you. Along with Breast Augmentation procedures, Tummy Tuck procedures are in the top 5 surgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons. With a Tummy Tuck Los Angeles patients have an option to remove hard-to-lose areas of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise. Post-pregnancy patients also opt for Tummy Tuck procedures as after pregnancy, the midsection is left with loose skin and excess fat. Post-pregnancy are recommended the procedure if they no longer expect to have children as another pregnancy would un-do the results of a Tummy Tuck. The procedure results in a contoured mid-section as the abdominal muscles are tightened during the procedure while excess skin and fat is removed. Tummy Tuck, or Abdominoplasty, procedures are also great for those who have lost a significant amount of weight and were left with excess skin.
With Plastic Surgery Los Angeles patients receive a world of difference as procedures are anticipated and correct physical imperfections that make positive emotional changes for patients. Plastic Surgery procedures may serve as a corrective surgery for men and women that they relate to their emotions as well. For example, with Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills patients have received a refined and reshaped nose for not only cosmetic purposes but emotional ones as well. For a woman whose nose has been deformed from previous domestic abuse or a man whose nose was deformed from an injury or accident, a Rhinoplasty is more than just a procedure. Rhinoplasty nose surgeries give patients a reshaped nose that is cosmetically beautiful and emotionally life-changing. As the plastic surgeon refines and reshapes the nose he also keeps in mind the nasal’s structural strength and results that will flow harmoniously with other facial features for a natural look that does not look out of place. If you are looking to receive cosmetic surgery you may set up a consultation with your plastic surgeon to see if the procedure you are looking to receive is right for you as you will want to explore all the alternatives possible.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgery: Life-Enhancing Procedures

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
In our daily lives we may have insecurities about physical features that translate and at times affect our self-esteem and body image. At times it may be easy to find a correction for physical features we may see as having error. For mild wrinkles some cosmetic treatments like creams may easily correct the skin but Botox treatments provide longer-lasting results. Some patients have features they desire to improve that they could not do without plastic surgery. Many Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills patients have found this procedure to be most effective when looking to achieve desired results especially with a Rhinoplasty specialist. The nose is a prominent feature of the face and some patients can feel it is too dominant and wish to receive the results of a refined and reshaped nose. Having a Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles based who specialized in Rhinoplasty procedures will be able to inform and consult patients who are looking to receive a Rhinoplasty procedure. During consultation don’t be afraid to ask questions as being educated about your procedure, preparing for it, and post-operative care will help achieve desired results. Your plastic surgeon will explain the procedure in detail and how the nose will be refined and reshaped all the while keeping nasal structural strength in mind.
There are thousands of Plastic Surgery Los Angeles procedures performed per year with Tummy Tuck, or Abdominoplasty, being one of the more popular procedures among other body contouring procedures. Body Contouring has become popular in the United States as more men and women desire contoured mid-sections. Tummy Tuck Los Angeles patients are mostly women especially those who are looking to receive the procedure after pregnancy and are not planning to have any more children. Tummy Tuck procedures are also recommended for those whose abdominal area has not responded to diet and exercising. Tummy Tuck procedures are effective for patients because during the procedure the abdominal muscles are tightened and excess skin and fat are removed in the process. Again, speaking with your plastic surgeon about care before the procedure and post-operative care to minimize the risk of complications and allow for the best surgically possible results. Along with Liposuction, a Tummy Tuck procedure leaves the midsection slimmed, tightened, and contoured.
If you are looking to receive a plastic surgery procedure or treatment, setting up a consultation appointment with your plastic surgeon is the first step to receiving great results.

Plastic surgery is more than plastic

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Breast Implants Beverly HillsWhen speaking of the many great things about breast implants Beverly Hills patients most often mention the confidence boost they give. Achieving the beautiful figure desired by so many, being able to wear fitted clothes and swimsuits with confidence. But breast implants aren’t just for vanity. There is so much more to them than meets the eye. A woman by the name of Lydia Carranza is alive today because of her double D breast implants. Lydia was working at a dental office when her co worker’s husband opened fire at their workplace. The gunfire killed her coworker, and Lydia herself was shot twice in the chest. After the CT scans were reviewed it was observed that the bullet fragments lodged in her implants were millimeters away from her heart and other vital organs. Had it not been for her breast implants Lydia could have died or been much more seriously injured due of the shooting. This doesn’t mean that we should all go get breast implants Beverly Hills surgeons advise us not to get implants as a means to stop bullets, or in place of a bullet proof vest, but this does show one of the many great things plastic surgery has done.

Breast implants have also helped women in overcoming breast cancer. For many women breast cancer runs in their family. Family history showing a mother, grandmother, or even great-grandmother having breast cancer can be interpreted as a factor for the likelihood of the next generation having breast cancer. Although studies show that unless you have mutations in the genes BRCA1 and/or BRCA2 you might never have breast cancer. Though these genes are hereditary in some cases it is not. Some cases of breast cancer are due to spontaneous gene mutation. Women with or without the knowledge of these inherited and spontaneous genes are still going through extreme measures to avoid ever getting breast cancer.

These women are undergoing what is called a masectomy. Also used as a treatment for breast cancer, a mastectomy is performed to remove all breast tissue, leaving only the nipple and areola. Often during the same procedure, a breast implant is placed, in order to replace the breast tissue lost. A masectomy might not seem like an option for some of us but for others, it is an only option. By finding a skilled plastic surgeon Los Angeles breast cancer patients can look forward to the fact that they can still have a beautiful, shapely body, even if they’ve lost their breasts to cancer. Plastic surgery Los Angeles & beyond has helped both women and men with more than just looks. It has been proven over and over that plastic surgery can be implemented not only for shallow reasons, but also for self preservation.


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