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Aesthetic Enhancement With a Plastic Surgeon

Friday, March 4th, 2011
Beverly Hills is known as one of the most beautiful communities in Southern California being home to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. With beautiful weather, attractions, and experienced plastic surgeons, the residents of Beverly Hills have access to opportunities made available for positive change and cosmetic enhancement. Out of town patients and visitors are always welcome to experience what Beverly Hills has to offer, and even travel to meet with highly qualified plastic surgeons. With available financing options, plastic surgery may cost a patient the equivalent of buying a used car. Board Certified Plastic Surgeons specialize in the aesthetic surgery of the face, breast, and body and can help many men and women make enhancements that no other alternative can provide. With a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills residents and out of town patients receive cosmetic procedures and treatments all the while being able to enjoy what Beverly Hills has to offer.
There are many men and women who may feel insecure about a facial feature. This may be due to embarrassment and ridicule as a child, or a type of unwanted attention being drawn to an individual. For those whose nose is too large, wide, or has a nasal tip that needs reshaping, a rhinoplasty can help. With a procedure like Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills and out of town patients can reshape and refine that shape of the nose to harmonize with surrounding facial features. During a consultation, the plastic surgeon will evaluate a patient’s need for the procedure as well as make an evaluation on what kind of goals can be achieved with the procedure and if the patient is a good candidate. A plastic surgeons goal with any procedure is to provide optimal results by providing end results of a Rhinoplasty procedure that enhance the patient’s facial profile overall.
Many across the United States struggle with looking and feeling healthy and fit. There are many diets and exercises to try, however, sometimes diet and exercise alone isn’t enough to achieve desired results. With Liposuction Beverly Hills and out of town patients can experience a body contouring procedure that is applicable to almost any area of the body, making it highly popular. Liposuction is a procedure administered by a plastic surgeon by the strategic insertion of a cannula into the body to suction excess fat from targeted areas. Liposuction is highly effective; however, is in no means a form of weight loss. Its sole purpose is to remove stubborn fat deposits in the body that cannot be removed otherwise.
For most women, an area of their body they are most uncomfortable with can be their breasts. Breast size and shape symbolize more than just sexuality, they also relate to a woman’s level of confidence. With a Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills and out of town patients can increase and enhance the size, shape, and volume of their breasts. With the help of a plastic surgeon, implant size and type are determined for results that look enhanced yet retain a natural look.

Popular Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
In the United States plastic surgery has become a highly popularized means to improve and enhance features in the body cosmetically and to also enhance features that may have been the result of an injury or accident.  With Plastic Surgery Beverly Hills residents and out of town patients have the freedom to consult with a plastic surgeon for changes. Plastic surgery has a wide range of procedures all which are designed to make cosmetically enhanced improvements.  With a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills patients receive a procedure or treatment that is tailored to fit their needs as their plastic surgeon will take an individualized approach to the treatment. All patients needs will vary and require different techniques during a procedure. Your plastic surgeon will discuss these techniques with you as well as any options, alternatives, as well as pre and post-operative care.
Breast Augmentation procedures provide women with a sense of confidence and femininity. With a Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills patients receive breasts that are larger, youthful, and look natural. The goal for many plastic surgeons is to choose an implant size and type that work well with the body and compliment the patient’s figure in terms of height, weight, and surrounding features. A Breast Augmentation provides an overall figure that is feminine in shape and is recommended to women who have small breasts who feel self-conscious or are unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts. Breast size can directly affect a woman’s confidence as it may be difficult for them to feel good about themselves in their daily life or while wearing form-fitting clothes.
Both men and women can feel self-conscious if they have a mid-section that is too large or may be protruding. For these people who have tried diet and exercise targeting this area, but have not received results successfully, a Tummy Tuck procedure can help to contour this area specifically. With a Tummy Tuck Beverly Hills men and women can slim and tighten their abdominal area with a procedure that implements liposuction for the removal of fat and a muscle-tightening technique. The removal of fat from this area with liposuction, promotes a shape to the midsection that is slimmer, tighter, and flattened. The muscle-tightening technique tightens the midsection especially for mothers after having children as muscles may become lose and separated. Plastic surgeons provide outstanding results for patients with a contoured mid-section.

Individualized Plastic Surgery Procedures

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010
Many people have physical imperfections they wish to enhance or correct with cosmetic surgery tailored to fit their needs and wants. With a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills patients have the option to receive these changes with an individualized approach to their needs. Enhancing physical features create changes for patients from the outside in for a physical feature that patients feel insecure or self-conscious about. Many techniques are implemented during a procedure to create unique and aesthetically harmonious changes that are designed to fit patient’s expectations of a procedure.
With a facial plastic surgery procedure like a nose reshaping surgery, or Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills patients require a specialist who is experienced in this type of surgery for the best results. Every patients bone structure and facial features will differ from one to the other, and finding an expert who can make changes according to surrounding facial features and a patients desired results, is important. Looking through before and after photos of completed Rhinoplasty procedures can help a patient determine whether they would like to receive this surgery from their plastic surgeon. Nose reshaping surgery is typically recommended for patients who have a nose that is too prominent, dominating, rounded, wide, or a nasal tip that is too pointed. The degree to which changes are made are determined by a plastic surgeon as they assess bone structure, nasal structural strength, and the overall facial profile that can be accomplished post-surgery.

For patients looking to receive a body contouring procedure, Abdominoplasty, or Tummy Tuck procedures have been widely popularized. With a procedure like a Tummy Tuck Beverly Hills patients have been able to contour their midsection with the implementation of muscle tightening during the procedure and liposuction. Tummy Tucks are individualized by a plastic surgeon to a patient’s body type and overall frame to give results that are proportionate to the overall figure. The procedure defines the waistline, flattens, and removes excess skin and fat from the abdominal area.

The top performed surgical cosmetic procedure for patients is a Breast Augmentation procedure. Many Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills patients receive this surgery with breast implants that increase and enhance the breast size, shape, and volume. During consultation, the implant size and type is discussed and determined by a patient and plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon may recommend a size and type for patients to best suit their overall frame and figure that will also allow results that are individualized and look natural.

Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills: Procedures and Treatments

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

There are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Researching your procedure as well as a plastic surgeon may take some time, however, being knowledgeable about a procedure and plastic surgeon will allow for great cosmetic surgery results. With a highly-qualified Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills patients are able to benefit from cosmetic surgery procedures after a consultation. Your plastic surgeon should be able to give you a preview of what your results will look like especially if you are receiving facial plastic surgery. Also, you should look through your plastic surgeons’ before and after photos of past procedures to assess the success other patients have received with that cosmetic surgeon. Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills procedures are common as the nose is a very dominant feature of the face and some patients wish to receive a procedure that will give them the results of a refined nose that will look natural along with the other features of the face.

With a procedure like Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills patients are able to receive the results of a more femininely-shaped body. During consultation, your plastic surgeon will recommend your implant size and type (silicone or saline) that is best-suited for your body. Breast Augmentations have been increasingly common as the procedure is safe, effective, and affordable. With an Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck Beverly Hills patients are able to receive body contouring that leaves the waistline defined. The results are successful as patients receive tightened abdominal muscles and a slimmer waist line. The procedure is recommended for those with excess skin or fat remaining from a significant amount of weight loss or simply cannot be removed by diet and exercise alone. You may receive a consultation from your plastic surgeon to determine if you are a good candidate for a Tummy Tuck procedure.

Breast Implants: A Multitude of Choices

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Breast Augmentation Beverly HillsThe decision to get breast implants is not an easy one to make. On top of that, when one decides to get breast implants, they must also make several other important decisions regarding the procedure. First, one must ensure that they are getting breast implants that are not too big for their frame. The same size implant will look different on two different women based on their body type and height.

One of the main decisions you will make with your Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon is where the implant will be placed. During a sub-glandular placement, the implant is placed directly under your natural breast tissue. This option has a faster and easier recovery time. Also, this makes the breast look high and perky and allows for natural movement. However, the sub-glandular implants can look less natural, especially on women with little natural breast tissue. On the other hand, sub-pectoral breast implants have a longer recovery time since an incision is made in the pectoral muscle to insert the implant. In addition, mammograms can be more difficult because the implant can block part of the breast. However, many people opt for sub-pectoral breast implants because they create a more natural look. It is up to each woman to discuss these two options with their plastic surgeon.

Another important decision one must make, with a Los Angeles plastic surgery consultation, is the type of incision that will be best for the procedure. When it comes to the incision placement, usually it is best to go with your surgeon’s recommendation. An armpit or axillary incision is the most visible but allows women to breastfeed successfully. A nipple or periareolar incision is most easily concealable but creates the most difficulty with breast feeding. An inframammary incision is below the breast. It is a moderately visible incision. One lesser-known but quite popular incision is through the belly button. It is called TUBA (transumbilical breast augmentation). It is a very small, barely visible incision through the belly button. Both implants can be inserted through the same incision. This is done using an endoscope just under the skin.

When getting a breast augmentation Beverly Hills residents must decide what type of breast implants they will get. Saline breast implants are filled with a salt water solution called saline. There are several benefits to saline implants. It can be safely absorbed by the body if the implant tears. Also, they can be filled to specific amounts prior to the surgery. However, they sometimes have an undesirable rippled look. Silicone implants feel smoother and softer. They are said to have a more natural look. However, they must be checked for leaks and tears every couple of years. Cohesive gel implants are being reviewed by a select number of surgeons. They are made of a stable silicone gel and are also known as “gummy bear implants.” They have a solid consistency and will not leak into the breast tissue if ruptured. We can expect to see more of these in the near future.

When consulting with a plastic surgeon Beverly Hills residents should know information about all of these options so they can make the best decision with the help of their surgeon!

Breast Surgery Options

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Los Angeles Plastic SurgeonWhen talking about breast augmentation Los Angeles residents mainly think of breast implants. In reality, there are many different surgeries that can be done on the breasts for different reasons. In addition, these reasons are not all cosmetic; some people have other reasons for getting breast surgery.

A breast enlargement is one of the most frequently performed procedures in the United States. Many women request this procedure following pregnancy or weight loss as they want to restore the volume to their breasts. In addition, some people simply want to have larger breasts for aesthetic purposes. The size of the breast implants can be decided upon consultation with a plastic surgeon. The goal is to enlarge the breasts while also making them look and feel natural!

While getting a breast augmentation Beverly Hills residents will often opt for a breast lift (mastoplexy) as well. Gravity causes the breast tissue and skin to stretch resulting in sagging appearing breasts with low positioned nipples. Breast sagging, also known as ptosis, can occur at any age. A mastoplexy will lift the breast, the nipple, and tighten the skin of the breast. During a consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon, one can decide if a breast augmentation is needed as well as a breast lift.

In the case of breast reduction Los Angeles patients often benefit greatly! This is because extremely large breasts often cause significant pain to the neck, back, and shoulder area. There are three techniques used during breast reduction surgery. The inverted T method results in a vertical and horizontal scar (hence the name). The breasts are lifted and the size of the areola is reduced. The vertical reduction technique is used for people with smaller breasts. It results in a vertical scar and a scar around the areola. The free nipple breast reduction technique is used for patients with very large breasts. This technique involves removing the nipple and areola, reducing the breast size, and suturing the nipple to the breast in a higher position.

A less common procedure is inverted nipple correction. This is performed through a small incision at the base of the nipple. A constricting band is then released and the nipple is maintained in traction for several weeks using a suture taped to the breast. This procedure may or may not influence sensory changes or inability to breast feed.

Another surprisingly popular procedure is a breast revision. One of the main reasons women undergo this procedure is because of a deflated breast implant. In addition, some women want to change out a previous implant to a smaller or larger size. Finally, some women are just not happy with the original results of a previous surgery. Most women who undergo breast surgery will have to have some kind of revision done eventually. Breast implants wear out after a few years and need to be corrected.

When consulting with a plastic surgeon Beverly Hills residents have many options when it comes to breast surgery! Speak with your plastic surgeon to learn about all your options.

The (Not So) Elusive Male Rhinoplasty

Friday, June 4th, 2010

When thinking of plastic surgery, especially the rhinoplasty Los Angeles residents tend to think that only women are going under the knife. However, this is far from true. Although most plastic surgery procedures are done predominantly on women, men are joining in on the plastic surgery craze as well. This is partly because of the “metrosexual” movement. It is becoming more and more socially acceptable for men to take care of their appearance and their body. Some American men are beginning to turn to plastic surgery to improve their appearance.

There are a small percentage of men and women who undergo rhinoplasty surgery in order to eliminate breathing problems, but many want to reduce their nose size and make their face appear more balanced. By contacting a plastic surgeon Los Angeles residents can now change the shape of their nostrils, alter the tip of the nose, and make general changes to boost one’s appearance and self-image. Just as for women, however, there are restrictions on who can get plastic surgery. For example, young men under the age of sixteen should not undergo rhinoplasty surgery because the nose is still growing. Many young men are self conscious about their nose’s appearance but they should wait until they are old enough to understand the full ramifications of the process. When undergoing a rhinoplasty Beverly Hills and Los Angeles men must make sure they are doing it for the right reasons. The surgery cannot completely change your nose. It can alter the appearance but one must have realistic expectations as to how it will look after the procedure. Many people like to look at the “Before and After” pictures that most plastic surgeons have on their websites. One can look for a nose similar to theirs and see the changes that were made. Then he can ask himself if that is what he wants his nose to look like as well. Every nose is different but one can get a good idea of what he will look like after the procedure.

The main difference between the male rhinoplasty and the female rhinoplasty is that men tend to have thicker skin layers and a stronger bone and cartilage. In addition, it is very important for most males undergoing rhinoplasty to retain their nose’s “masculinity.” The ideal modern male nose is usually characterized by a strong and straight nasal dorsum as opposed to a soft feminine nose. A skilled plastic surgeon will be very careful not to make the nose too small or thin when performing a male rhinoplasty. When contacting a plastic surgeon Beverly Hills men must be very clear on what they want out of the surgery and what they expect their nose to look like!

Breast augmentation Beverly Hills

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

 Plastic Surgeon Beverly HillsBeverly Hills, California is one of the hottest places to get your plastic surgery done and plastic surgeon Beverly Hills are considered to be best in the trade. Whether its rhinoplasty or face lift, Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills plastic surgery will make sure that all your wishes are fulfilled as per your desire.

If you are looking for tummy tuck Beverly Hills, one of the first decision you as the candidate will have to make is choosing the type of breast implant you want. Certainly the benefits of both – silicone and saline breast implants cannot be undermined. While silicone has become popular in a big way all over the world since its official approval in 2006 by the World Medical Association, saline remains a popular option too. During the period of 1990 to 2003, United States’ surgeons were only allowed to use saline breast implants. This resulted in many women liking it more than the other.

The biggest benefit of using saline breast implants is that they can be induced in the body through a significantly smaller incision. Many women are conscious of the scarring issue of breast augmentation and therefore opt for saline often. With the typical incisions of a Breast augmentation Beverly Hills surgeon, the implant will leave a two inches shorter scar than the size of implants.
As most of us know that saline implants are filled only when they are placed in the body under the breast, the covering of the implant can slid, after folding, through a minor incision in the chest skin. Also, if someone is interested in complete scar less breast augmentation, saline breast implant is the only type to use. This requires the surgeon to be efficient in the transumbilical incision method.
Initially surgeons used to place saline implants above the breast muscles but this caused problems since the rippling of the breast implant could be seen through the skin. It made it rather obvious for a person to know if woman had breast implants. Therefore a new way was introduced for the procedure.

Simply Ageless Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Plastic Surgeon Los AngelesThe firming effects of cosmetic procedures, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles throughout the face. Many women desire to undo the signs of aging with cosmetic procedures by seeking the best plastic surgeon Los Angeles has some of the best and most experienced plastic surgeons of the nation. It can be amazing having the advantage of a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, even if he or she is slightly pricier than others, because you will have the benefit of years of experience combines with skill.

The number one goal for women who undergo cosmetic procedures, is to find the best plastic surgeon Beverly Hills hopefuls can tell you, who has the best cosmetic practice, the patients best interest in mind and who understand the ever changing trends in his or her specialty.

After undergoing their transformation, a great majority of women who have successful undergone and recovered from plastic surgery report that they look amazing, that their skin looks smoother, and that they look younger. As a result these same women report being and feeling happier with their new looks and even a boost in confidence. Also, after several women who have had a successful breast augmentation Los Angeles women report being happier, having more fulfilling lives and even a noticeable boost to their self confidence.

Whoever not all women undergo a breast augmentation Beverly Hills doctors say, to make their breast size larger but for corrective purposes. Some women may have breast that are not even or that aged unevenly. For these reasons, corrective plastic surgery is often considered in order to repair and replace a regularity to the woman’s looks. Also, if you have been putting off your cosmetic procedure because you are not sure of how you will be able to pay for your procedure, talk to your doctor about what finance options you have.

The Right Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Plastic Surgeon Beverly HillsPlastic surgery is a big choice for anyone as it can have profound life-changing transformations. A great plastic surgeon Beverly Hills women will tell you, should be considered one of the biggest choices to make besides your actual procedure. Choosing the right plastic surgeon is perhaps the most important part of your entire process.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeons are highly qualified and eager to help you reach your goals and to serve you, ensuring that you get the precise results that you’re looking for. The first step is to gather as much information on the plastic surgeons available in your area that might be near Beverly Hills or Los Angles.

When most people think of a tummy tuck they rarely think of a patient having a mini tummy tuck instead. But rather they usually think a patient undergoing a traditional complete tummy tuck procedure. A really well researched tummy tuck Beverly Hills doctors will attest, will provide a complete transformation. In contrast if you are eligible for a tummy tuck you may also be able to have some liposuction as well. This is normally a one to two hour procedure that will transform your looks.

The way you look is important to you so you’ll want to find a plastic surgeon Los Angeles hopefuls will tell you, that you can trust. Make sure that your Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has at least several years of surgical training and experience. Medical training and surgical experience are the primary indicators of choosing your surgeon based on his or her’s qualifications. The more experienced your surgeon has the better and any licensed physician can technically claim to be a plastic surgeon, that is why the importance of making sure that he or she is board certified.

Dr. Grigoryants Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon provides plastic surgery services throughout Southern California including Glendale, Burbank, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Encino, Huntington Park, Studio City, Arcadia, Montrose, Hollywood, La Crescenta, La Canada Flintridge, Valencia, Monrovia, Eagle Rock, Altadena, San Marino, Sherman Oaks, Thousand Oaks, North Hollywood, Long Beach, Beverly Hills, Van Nuys, Santa Monica, Calabasas, Palmdale, Fresno, Northridge, and Westlake Village, and Simi Valley.

Our Plastic Surgery center in Glendale, Los Angeles, California specializes primarily in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery inclding breast enlargement, breast augmentation, breast implants, liposuction, tummy tuck, abdominoplasty, cosmetic facelifts, rhinoplasty (nose surgery, nose job), Forehead Lift, Eyelid Surgery and other body contouring procedures. The center led by an expert Los Angeles Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon. As a board certified Los Angeles plastic surgeon, Dr. Grigoryants is dedicated to providing high quality yet affordable cosmetic plastic surgery options to Los Angeles patients and being the best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, Glendale, Pasadena, Beverly Hills.

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