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Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills – Top Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Procedures

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011
Throughout Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, cosmetic surgery has provided effective and affordable results for patients throughout the Southland. Beverly Hills has many educated, experienced, and world-renowned plastic surgeons making it the mecca of cosmetic surgery. With many different types of procedures for treatment of the face, breasts, and body finding a Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills residents and out of town patients can trust, can be a simple task if you know what to look for. It is important to search through a surgeon’s before and after photos of previous patient procedures to get a good visual about the types of results one can receive. It is also important to look at education, experience, special training, and any types of awards they may have received for excellence.
With a nose reshaping procedure or Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills residents and out of town patients can refine and reshape a nose with an experienced plastic surgeon. A rhinoplasty procedure may be a more complex procedure as it requires a great, natural sense of aesthetics and skill as a surgeon will have to reshape the nose to harmonize with surrounding facial features. A Rhinoplasty procedure may also enhance the functionality of the nose by getting rid of breathing problems that may be caused by a previous injury or may occur naturally in the body. During a Rhinoplasty procedure his problem can be fixed and the nose can be cosmetically enhanced.
The top performed cosmetic surgery procedure throughout Southern California and the United States is a Breast Augmentation procedure. With a Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills residents and out of town patients can enhance the size and shape of the breasts. Many women with small breasts opt for this procedure as it helps them feel confident and more feminine. Breast Augmentation procedures also enhance women’s’ daily lives, making something as simple as shopping for clothes an enjoyable experience. With the implementation of silicone or saline breast implants, patients can receive breast enhancement that is customized to their frame for best cosmetic results.
Breast Implants are used in multiple breast enhancement procedures including a Breast Lift. With Breast Implants Beverly Hills residents and out of town patients can receive a breast lift that involves implants for enlargement. With weight loss and pregnancy, the breasts undergo stress and can lose their elasticity. Breast implants may be implemented during a breast lift procedure to restore the breasts to their natural position as well as enhance their size and shape.

Gaining Confidence with Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgery

Saturday, July 30th, 2011
Throughout the United States, men and women battle the ongoing struggle of looking and feeling fit, healthy, and confident. Because of genetics, some individuals may find that with a simple diet and exercise plan, body contouring goals can be achieved and maintained fairly easily. For those who don’t have nature on their side, the struggle can be brutal. Many individuals believe that looking fit and healthy can help the success of their career and quality of living in general. There are many weight loss and body contouring options to choose from and with the skill of a Plastic Surgeon Beverly Hills residents can receive their desired results once and for all.  During the consultation, areas of concern are addressed. These problem areas may be due to genetics, weight loss and can lower self-esteem as they make the body seem disproportionate. With Liposuction Beverly Hills residents can remove excess fat from the body and receive the desired results they have always wanted. Liposuction is not a weight loss alternative however provides unbelievable results for patients that undergo the procedure. Many men and women have used liposuction to treat areas in the body such as the thighs, midsection, flanks, and other problem areas in the body. Liposuction patients gain confidence after undergoing their procedure as it can make any daily task such as shopping for clothes—an enjoyable experience.
Another area of the body that depends on genetics, for women, are the breasts. Women may be concerned with the size and shape of their breasts as they are a sign of femininity and sensuality. Women with larger breasts tend to feel more confident, happy, and feminine while women with smaller breasts may feel self-conscious and insecure. With a Breast Augmentation Beverly Hills women can enhance the breast size and shape to gain confidence and an improved overall body figure. There are different techniques a plastic surgeon may implement during a procedure depending on the patient’s body type and build for minimal scarring and optimal results. With the implementation of Breast Implants Beverly Hills women receive a customized procedure plan as no two patients are alike and their needs will differ. Breast implant type and size can be determined with the professional recommendation of a plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon will recommend an implant type (silicone, saline, or cohesive gel) that will work best with the patient’s body as well as provide the most natural results for them. Every patient will have an idea of how large their breasts will be following the procedure, but it is important to strive for procedure goals that look enhanced yet natural and youthful.

Common Myths about Breast Enhancement

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Beverly Hills Plastic SurgeonGetting any type of Beverly Hills plastic surgery procedure can be scary. Going under the knife can make even the bravest person very nervous. There are few surgeries that incite more nervousness than breast enhancement surgery. There are many myths surrounding breast surgeries; many of them are just that: myths. Before getting this procedure done, it is important to know what myths are true and what are false. This can help ease one’s mind significantly before the surgery.

One of the main myths surrounding breast implants is that they cause cancer. This is certainly not true. Both saline and silicone breast implants do not cause any medical diseases or illnesses. There have been studies which have proven this over and over. This myth may have originated because it is a fact that breast implants can make the detection of breast cancer via mammogram more difficult because the implants themselves can obscure about 10% of a patient’s breast tissue. Still, there are special techniques for performing mammograms on women with breast implants in order to view as much breast tissue as possible. When it comes to breast implants Beverly Hills residents can rest assured; breast implants do not increase a person’s chance of contracting breast cancer.

Another main myth surrounding breast implants is that they make breast feeding impossible. In most cases, this is false. However, there are some types of incisions that can make breast feeding more difficult. If a woman plans to breast feed some time after getting implants, she must make sure to tell her Beverly Hills plastic surgeon before undergoing the procedure. If the surgeon places the incisions in the folds under the breast or the armpit, they are less likely to disrupt milk production. A peri-areolar incision is a lot more likely to sever the milk ducts as the nipple is removed from the breast and re-adjusted. Still, even this procedure may not completely cut off milk production. If a woman is having trouble breast feeding, she should consult a lactation consultant.

Some people think that a lower priced breast surgery doesn’t compromise the result. This is not true. Although a small discount is one thing, there are costs associated with a quality surgery. A plastic surgeon should have a certified operating room, a board-certified anesthesiologist, and a surgeon certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Going abroad to get a procedure done is not a good idea. There is no way to know if the surgeon has the proper credentials and experience. Although you may cut costs by going this route, it can lead to serious health risks. When looking for a breast augmentation Beverly Hills and Los Angeles have many qualified surgeons. If money is an issue, than some offices offer no-interest payment plans.

Plastic surgery is more than plastic

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Breast Implants Beverly HillsWhen speaking of the many great things about breast implants Beverly Hills patients most often mention the confidence boost they give. Achieving the beautiful figure desired by so many, being able to wear fitted clothes and swimsuits with confidence. But breast implants aren’t just for vanity. There is so much more to them than meets the eye. A woman by the name of Lydia Carranza is alive today because of her double D breast implants. Lydia was working at a dental office when her co worker’s husband opened fire at their workplace. The gunfire killed her coworker, and Lydia herself was shot twice in the chest. After the CT scans were reviewed it was observed that the bullet fragments lodged in her implants were millimeters away from her heart and other vital organs. Had it not been for her breast implants Lydia could have died or been much more seriously injured due of the shooting. This doesn’t mean that we should all go get breast implants Beverly Hills surgeons advise us not to get implants as a means to stop bullets, or in place of a bullet proof vest, but this does show one of the many great things plastic surgery has done.

Breast implants have also helped women in overcoming breast cancer. For many women breast cancer runs in their family. Family history showing a mother, grandmother, or even great-grandmother having breast cancer can be interpreted as a factor for the likelihood of the next generation having breast cancer. Although studies show that unless you have mutations in the genes BRCA1 and/or BRCA2 you might never have breast cancer. Though these genes are hereditary in some cases it is not. Some cases of breast cancer are due to spontaneous gene mutation. Women with or without the knowledge of these inherited and spontaneous genes are still going through extreme measures to avoid ever getting breast cancer.

These women are undergoing what is called a masectomy. Also used as a treatment for breast cancer, a mastectomy is performed to remove all breast tissue, leaving only the nipple and areola. Often during the same procedure, a breast implant is placed, in order to replace the breast tissue lost. A masectomy might not seem like an option for some of us but for others, it is an only option. By finding a skilled plastic surgeon Los Angeles breast cancer patients can look forward to the fact that they can still have a beautiful, shapely body, even if they’ve lost their breasts to cancer. Plastic surgery Los Angeles & beyond has helped both women and men with more than just looks. It has been proven over and over that plastic surgery can be implemented not only for shallow reasons, but also for self preservation.


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