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Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills

Friday, September 3rd, 2010
In Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery has become more than just cosmetic surgery it has become a permanent lifestyle-enhancing change. More and more patients opt for plastic surgery because of its lasting results. No matter the procedure the patient is going to undergo it is always good to be familiar with the procedure as well as your surgeon. Choosing a Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon is imperative to gaining results as you will want to do research on their education and qualifications. Also, looking at their before and after photos in their photo gallery will give you a picture of what results their patients have received in the past. It is also important to be comfortable with your cosmetic surgeon and to feel that they will help you achieve your cosmetic surgery goals.
Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty procedures are common but also require a plastic surgeon that specializes in Rhinoplasty. Finding a Rhinoplasty specialist is important because the nose is an important and dominant feature of the face which requires special attention and care. Finding a plastic surgeon make time some time as you will want to find a plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with and can trust. Tummy Tuck Beverly Hills procedures (also known as an Abdominoplasty) are common procedures that are usually recommended after a significant amount of weight has been lost or a client cannot achieve their goals by diet and exercise alone. A Tummy Tuck is also beneficial because the abdominal muscles are tightened during the procedure as well as fat removal from liposuction. Results are permanent because fat cells are removed from the area during procedure unless the patient resumes weight gain.

More Information about Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Nose Job Los AngelesThere are many different reasons why one might get a rhinoplasty. Some get the procedure done for cosmetic reasons, while others for medical reasons. Ethnic rhinoplasties are becoming very popular. One of the most challenging aspects of nose surgeon’s job is to perform a rhinoplasty while still retaining the nose’s “ethnic” appearance. This is why the initial consultation is so important. Some patients want a completely new nose, while some just want to make small changes. It is important that both the rhinoplasty surgeon and the patient are on the same page before the procedure.

Ethnic groups often have certain characteristics to their nose that they want to change. For example, Many African American noses have wide bases and less sharply defined tips. They often have thick skin at the tip of the nose, giving it a bulbous appearance. In addition, some ethnic noses have a wide and flat bridge or a bridge with a bump. When looking into a Beverly Hills rhinoplasty many minorities have the desire to change these things without losing their nose’s ethnic identity. When seeking a nose job Los Angeles minorities usually don’t want their nose to look completely like a Caucasian nose. They just want to change one undesirable part. For this reason, the Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeon must be very skilled.

Ethnic noses often require extensive work to create the desired look. They often have very thick skin and poor cartilage support. This is common among African Americans, Middle Easterners and Asians. Often, the nose surgeon will use the patient’s own cartilage. The cartilage is often taken from the septum or ear as these are accessible places. It is used to define the tip of the nose. This is a frequent complaint of ethnic rhinoplasty patients; they want a more defined tip. It is important for the surgeon to not take too much tissue away from the nose. Sometimes a rhinoplasty patient will decide that they want a revision rhinoplasty; if there is too much tissue taken away, it will be very difficult to make further changes on the nose without excessive grafting.

One of the biggest complaints that patients have is that they have a bump on the bridge of their nose. Many Middle Eastern patients’ noses have thick skin and want a reduced bump, for example. Many of these patients don’t want any changes to their nose except to have the hump reduced. In this case, removing the hump is comparatively simple. However, some patients are unhappy with their nostrils or the width of the nose. This is more difficult and takes a skilled surgeon to make sure the nostrils are symmetrical.

When getting a rhinoplasty Beverly Hills residents must be sure to research different plastic surgeons. Just like when getting a breast augmentation or breast reduction Los Angeles residents should look at a surgeon’s before and after pictures. A surgeon’s before and after pictures are a good guide to finding an experienced surgeon. In the case of ethnic rhinoplasties, this is especially important. Make sure the surgeon has extensive experience with ethnic rhinoplasties!

Rhinoplasty Los Angeles

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Teenage boys and girls seeking rhinoplasty  in Los Angeles often present to their surgeons complaining of social discomfort due the size and shape of their nose.  Many of them also complain of nasal airway obstruction. Teens are self-conscious about their appearance as they seek social acceptance and they  want  look a certain way. Therefore, rhinoplasty is one of the most popular procedures  teenagers in Los Angeles.   It has even been a tradition in some cultures to give a nose job as a high school graduation  or sweet 16 gift to teenagers. The patient’s physical and mental maturity needs to be considered before surgery.  The nose typically stops growing  around  age 15-16 for girls and 16-17 for boys.  In girls, puberty ends about 3 years after the start of menstrual cycles which is when the nose stops growing.   Detailed discussion among the patient, their parent(s), and the surgeon is necessary to ensure that the teenager his/her family have realistic expectations and understand what rhinoplasty entails including recovery  and possible complications.   Rhinoplasty can certainly have a positive effect on a  person’s self esteem.



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A Scarless Nose Job: Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty

Friday, December 19th, 2008

The nose is the central part of a person’s face. How the person’s face is perceived to a large extent depends on the size and shape of the nose as well as the balance of the nose with the rest of the face. It is not surprising that a large number of people turn to plastic surgeons to improve the shape of the nose. The beauty and movie icon city is no exception – in Los Angeles Rhinoplasty procedures are among the most popular.

Nose reshaping surgery or nose job is called rhinoplasty. Most Beverly Hills rhinoplasty experts will agree that rhinoplasty is the most difficult plastic surgical procedure. The two common techniques to peform rhinoplasty are close and open approaches. Increasingly, in high awareness Beverly Hills Closed rhinoplasty (also referred to as endonasal rhinoplasty) is gaining prominence.

In open rhinoplasty, an incision is made across the bottom portion of the nose the skin is elevated exposing the underlying cartilages and bony structures. Even though in most patients the scar is may not be noticeable, there are many patients who complain of the visible or notched scar following an open rhinoplasty. Certain groups of patients are more prone to developing unfavorable scars including patients that have thick skin and patients with olive and darker color skin. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to remove the scar.

Closed rhinopasty (endonasal rhinoplasty) is performed through incisions inside the nose which avoids external scars. Using a closed rhinoplasty approach the nose can be effectively reshaped and breathing can be improved. Recovery after closed rhinoplasty is usually faster than after open rhinoplasty. Sutures are placed and inside and do not need to be removed as they are absorbable. Closed rhinoplasty requires a higher level of surgical experience. Regardless of the approach used, outcomes following rhinoplasty largely depends on the surgeon’s experience with this procedure. There are far fewer Los Angeles Closed Rhinoplasty specialists, as it is a different skill set. To learn more about closed rhinoplasty visit .


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