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Simply Ageless Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Plastic Surgeon Los AngelesThe firming effects of cosmetic procedures, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles throughout the face. Many women desire to undo the signs of aging with cosmetic procedures by seeking the best plastic surgeon Los Angeles has some of the best and most experienced plastic surgeons of the nation. It can be amazing having the advantage of a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, even if he or she is slightly pricier than others, because you will have the benefit of years of experience combines with skill.

The number one goal for women who undergo cosmetic procedures, is to find the best plastic surgeon Beverly Hills hopefuls can tell you, who has the best cosmetic practice, the patients best interest in mind and who understand the ever changing trends in his or her specialty.

After undergoing their transformation, a great majority of women who have successful undergone and recovered from plastic surgery report that they look amazing, that their skin looks smoother, and that they look younger. As a result these same women report being and feeling happier with their new looks and even a boost in confidence. Also, after several women who have had a successful breast augmentation Los Angeles women report being happier, having more fulfilling lives and even a noticeable boost to their self confidence.

Whoever not all women undergo a breast augmentation Beverly Hills doctors say, to make their breast size larger but for corrective purposes. Some women may have breast that are not even or that aged unevenly. For these reasons, corrective plastic surgery is often considered in order to repair and replace a regularity to the woman’s looks. Also, if you have been putting off your cosmetic procedure because you are not sure of how you will be able to pay for your procedure, talk to your doctor about what finance options you have.

How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation and Rhinoplasty?

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Plastic Surgeon Los AngelesIn recent years, many people have come out in open against the support of breast augmentation and rhinoplasty surgeries. There has been a drastic shift from conservative outlook to a more modern way of living where people don’t hide their desire of using plastic surgery procedures to feel younger inside and outside.

Only a qualified plastic surgeon Los Angeles can perform the complete examination of the candidate’s breasts as per the medical guidelines. As in rhinoplasty Beverly Hills doctors like to click photographs of breast augmentation Los Angeles to keep a record of before and after quality of skin and shape. The candidate is expected to be specific about what they want as it will help the surgeon to meet their expectations.

Prior to the breast augmentation Beverly Hills plastic surgery, surgeons do a pre-surgery check-up and advice certain precautions. These must be followed by every candidate. Generally smokers will be asked to temporarily avoid smoking a week before surgery and instantly stop any other anti-inflammatory drugs to avoid increased bleeding. As largely known, smoking is associated to longer recovery time. A smoker also has greater chance of pulmonary difficulties during plastic surgery operations.

Based on the health condition of the patient, including any the risk or other problems, the American Association Medical Board certified plastic surgeon would instruct each patient individually on how to prepare for breast surgery and rhinoplasty. These preoperative instructions are extremely venerable a patient wishing to maximize the results of their breast augmentation must follow them as it is. It will also help them to avoid any complications during and after the procedure. The doctor can also postpone the date of surgery if he or she finds out that the patient is not following instructions carefully.

The Right Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Plastic Surgeon Beverly HillsPlastic surgery is a big choice for anyone as it can have profound life-changing transformations. A great plastic surgeon Beverly Hills women will tell you, should be considered one of the biggest choices to make besides your actual procedure. Choosing the right plastic surgeon is perhaps the most important part of your entire process.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeons are highly qualified and eager to help you reach your goals and to serve you, ensuring that you get the precise results that you’re looking for. The first step is to gather as much information on the plastic surgeons available in your area that might be near Beverly Hills or Los Angles.

When most people think of a tummy tuck they rarely think of a patient having a mini tummy tuck instead. But rather they usually think a patient undergoing a traditional complete tummy tuck procedure. A really well researched tummy tuck Beverly Hills doctors will attest, will provide a complete transformation. In contrast if you are eligible for a tummy tuck you may also be able to have some liposuction as well. This is normally a one to two hour procedure that will transform your looks.

The way you look is important to you so you’ll want to find a plastic surgeon Los Angeles hopefuls will tell you, that you can trust. Make sure that your Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has at least several years of surgical training and experience. Medical training and surgical experience are the primary indicators of choosing your surgeon based on his or her’s qualifications. The more experienced your surgeon has the better and any licensed physician can technically claim to be a plastic surgeon, that is why the importance of making sure that he or she is board certified.

Cosmetic Procedures Designed to Enhance Appeal

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Los Angeles Plastic SurgeonNot all women are born with the breast size of their dreams, or had the perfect breast but lost the shape and mass with aging or with child bearing. For these reasons and many more, women seeking to achieve there goals of near perfect looks seek the advice of the best plastic surgeon Beverly Hills has one of the best selections of experienced and top notch plastic surgeons in all the country.

In addition to living in or around Beverly Hills, you also have the advantage of choosing a Los Angeles plastic surgeon who is also experienced with the procedures needed to enhance a woman’s looks.

Once you choose the best Los Angeles plastic surgeon who can work with your goals in order to reach the looks you want, you should then talk to your surgeon about your payment options. One of the greatest advantages to working with a qualified plastic surgeon is the finance options he or she can offer you. If you can not reach your goals due to the lack of funds, your plastic surgeon should be able and willing to work with you in order to make your goals more possible.

After you have had your procedure of choice, be it a tummy tuck or breast implants Los Angeles area hopefuls should then talk to their doctor about what you can do to keep your new looks. It is not common, for example, for fat that was removed from one place to return to that same place but it can return to other locations around your body. Or if you are considering having children after your cosmetic procedure, you should also talk about this with your surgeon. A pregnancy or weight gain may not affect the outcome of breast implants but if you had other cosmetic procedures, such as saggy skin reduction, your body may not be ready for the stresses of child birth.

A Scarless Nose job – Closed Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Nose reshaping or rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging procedures in plastic surgery. Every rhinoplasty patient requires a carefully thought out plan as each person has a different nose and face. Two rhinoplasty techniques are available closed and open rhinoplasty.

With open rhinoplasty an incision is made through the bottom portion of the nose (called columella) and the skin is moved back to expose the cartilages. Although open rhinoplasty offers great visibility, it leave a noticeable scar in many patients. Furthurmore, significant scarring has been seen in some patients resulting in thickening of the front portion of the columella. It is very difficult and sometimes impossible to revise a poorly healed scar.

In closed rhinoplasty  incisions are placed inside the nose and no scar will be present across the columella.  Healing followig closed rhinoplasty appears faster than after closed rhinoplasty.  With recent advances in closed rhinoplasty,  excellent results can be achieved with a high rate of consistency. Closed rhinoplasty is our preferred technique and our specialty.  Closed rhinoplasty requires special skills and experience.  A person considering rhinoplasty should be able to view as many rhinoplasty before and after photographs as possible to be able to assess the surgeon’s work.

Botox vs Dysport: options for wrinkle reduction in Los Angeles

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Dysport recently became available in the United States for treatment of facial wrinkles. Dysport (abobotulinum A toxin) has been widely used in Europe. Its mechanism of action is the same as that of Botox. The onset of action appears to be a few days earlier than Botox. Although there are claims that Dysport lasts longer, this remains to be seen as it has only been used here since July 2009. Both products are effective at reducing frown lines, forehead lines, and wrinkles on the sides of the eyes (crow’s feet).

What is a mommy makeover?

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

A mommy makeover has been frequently mentioned in the media. Hence, many mothers present to plastic surgeons asking for this procedure.  A mommy makeover is more of a marketing rather a technical term.  Following pregnancies many women experience changes in the shape of their body and face.  A mommy makeover includes a set of plastic surgery procedures that would restore or improve the shape of the woman’s face and body after childbearing.

There is not a specific set of procedures.  More commonly women are bothered by stretched abdominal skin and weak abdominal muscles, sagging breasts with dimished volume, fat excess in various areas.  Therefore, a common combination of a mommy makeover procedures are a tummy tuck, liposuction of abdomen and flanks, and  breast augmentation.  Women who  developed  breast sagging would benefit from  a breast lift in addition to breast enlargment using breast implants. These procedures can also be combined with a tummy tuck.  In some women breasts may stay  large and heavy and these women request a breast reduction.

Another common set of procedures is facial plastic surgery and body contouring.   Commonly mothers in this group undergo such procedures as rhinoplasty combined with a breast augmentation or a tummy tuck. Rhinoplasty is  nose surgery to reshape the nose, also referred to as a nose job .  Many women who are bothered by protruding ears had requested to undergo ear surgery or otoplasty . This procedure is also called ear pinning .

What is capsular contracture?

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Capsular contracture is one of the uncommon complications following breast augmentation.  The body will form a fibrous capsule (or a scar) around the implant. This is a normal healing process. In some women, however, a thicker scar can be formed. The thicker scar around the breast implant can squeez the implant causing it to feel hard and look deformed. Milder forms of capsular contracture following breast enlargement do not require treatment, whereas more severe forms require a revisional surgery. Early capsular stretching exercises may help reduce the incidence of capsular  constracture.  Many plastic surgeons will teach the patient how to massage the breast implants starting on day 4-6 after surgery.

Does facial yoga prevent or promote wrinkles?

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

Aging is unavoidable process that every person goes through in his or her life. A lot of effort has been spent around the world on finding ways to minimize the signs of aging from simple makeup to plastic surgery. New trends and treatments appear in the media regularly that claim to slow down or reverse the aging process.

Recently, facial yoga has gained a wide popularity. The proponents of facial yoga state that by exercising and tightening facial muscles, facial wrinkles can be minimized or prevented. As an example of some of the facial yoga exercises are grimacing or opening the mouth with the tongue out for a prolonged period of time while contracting various facial and neck muscles.

It is true that any exercise in general is a great way to maintain health. However, most plastic surgeons in Los Angeles will disagree that tightening facial muscles by grimacing will diminish wrinkles. It is clear today that strong facial muscles cause more wrinkling of the skin on animation and eventually resulting in permanent skin wrinkles. For example, a person with a strong forehead muscle (called frontalis muscle) is more likely to have deeper horizontal wrinkles on the forehead . Someone how has strong mimetic muscles around the eyes will have more pronounced wrinkles on the sides of the eyes (referred to as crow’s feet). People with strong neck muscle (called platysma) are more likely to have the vertical neck bands.

By weakening or paralyzing facial muscles, the skin wrinkles become less noticeable. This is why Botox has been effective at diminishing or preventing the appearance of wrinkles. When injected into the facial muscles, Botox renders the muscles incapable of contracting for about 3-6 months. When the muscle does not contract, little or no skin wrinkling can be produced on animation. People who have used Botox on a regular basis clearly have smoother foreheads and areas around the eyes than their peers who have not use it.

Vladimir Grigoryants, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Glendale

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty, Breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction.

Rhinoplasty among Asians

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Nose job  or rhinoplasty for years has been a popular plastic surgery procedure among various ethnics groups. While many groups tend to request a smaller and shorter nose, many Asian patients seek to have a larger and narrower nose. There are several characteristics common to Asian rhinoplasty.

First, a number Asian patients request to augment the bridge the area to reduce the flattened appearance of the nose. Augmenting the bridge area makes the nose look bigger and narrower. Various materials are available to augment the bridge of the nose including synthetic implants, processed tissue, or patient’s own tissue such cartilage or fascia. Most surgeons prefer to use synthetic materials, particularly silicone implants. A silicone implant is easy to place and produces a smooth bridge with a predictable amount of augmentation.

Another step performed in Asian rhinoplasty is tip refinement. Many Asian patients complain of a wide and flat nasal tip. Reshaping of nasal tip usually involves narrowing the tip and augmenting the tip using the patients own cartilage. Augmenting the tip effectively balances the tip with the augmented bridge. Synthetic implants have also been used for tip augmentation but have a higher risk of complications.

Nostril width reduction is also frequently performed as part of Asian rhinoplasty. When reducing the width of the nostrils, a plastic surgeon will balance the nostrils not only relative to the rest of the nose but also relative to distance between the inner corners of the eyes. Any Los Angeles plastic surgeon performing rhinoplasty in Asian patients should aim to produce a natural appearing shape while preserving some ethnic nasal features in those patients desire so.


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