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Nasal taping after rhinoplasty

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants removes the nasal splint 5-7 days after rhinoplasty. His  patients are instructed to tape the nose for at least  3-4 weeks every night. Although taping affect the final result, it will reduce swelling in the morning.  The nose, especially the tip of the nose tends to swell overnight. Having the tape minimize that swelling.  Our patients frequently report that when they do not tape the nose, they wake up with a thicker appearing nose.   A special light brown paper tape will be given to our patients when the splint comes off. We will also show how to tape the nose.  Some patients may develop irritation from the tape in which cases they will be instructed to stop taping.  Foods rich in salt, alcohol, and strenuous physical activity may increase swelling.

Visit our rhinoplasty page to learn more about rhinoplasty with Dr Vladimir Grigoryants.

How Nose Reshaping Redefines your look

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Nose reshaping is one of the most personalized surgeries that people want to pursue. Some people have a large hump on their nose, and some people have a bulbous nasal tip that makes their whole face look out of proportion.  Then there are some that suffer from chronic breathing complications, because their nose is disrupting airflow. For whatever the reason that applies to you, you chose to have your nose reshaped. Now all that needs to be done is to prepare for it. There are a number of chores to be done up until the day of the surgery. Here are some tips to help you relieve some of that stress and help you plan for the road ahead.

Nose reshaping, known as rhinoplasty, is a surgery to make the nose larger or smaller, changes the angle of the nose, reduces the tip of the nose and can correct bumps or defects. Dr. Grigoryants is a board certified plastic surgeon who has the ability to improve the shape of a patient’s nose, as well as treat any existing nasal airway obstructions. In the initial consultation, he plans together with his patient to decide on what the nose reshaping changes will be. Reviewing the patient’s goals and evaluation of the nose will allow him to produce the best results possible. With his improved techniques of closed rhinoplasty, Dr. Grigoryants leaves no visible scarring and prevents any future airway blockage.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 243,000 nose reshaping surgeries were conducted in 2012, ranking second to breast augmentation in cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic or functional problems with the nasal structure can occur at any age, and it is the facial feature that causes the most dissatisfaction in people unhappy with their appearance. Depending on the desired results, some bone and cartilage may be removed, or tissue may be added through the inside of the nose. A splint will be placed outside the nose to support the new shape and nasal packing may be placed inside the nose for additional support.

How to prepare for nose reshaping

Dr. Grigoryants will give his patients guidelines to follow two to three weeks before the surgery, but here is what needs to be done for the patient to prepare in the months or weeks before surgery date:

  1. Get lab testing or medical evaluation to determine if the body is healthy for surgery

  2. Take medications or stop certain medications to avoid surgery complications

  3. Avoid taking aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs or herbal supplements to avoid increase of bleeding

  4. Stop smoking in advance of surgery

There are also chores that need to be done at home to ensure a successful recovery in the weeks post-operation, which include:

  1. Stock up on medication or painkillers

  2. Stock up on ice packs or ice bags to apply for soreness

  3. Have ready made meals for after the operation (Soup, juice, soft foods, snacks)

  4. Wash your face thoroughly with antibacterial soap to eliminate germs

  5. Avoid use of makeup and hair products on surgery date

  6. Dress in loose, comfortable clothing the day of surgery

  7. Do not eat until after the procedure

  8. Have a driver available to take you home after the operation

  9. Arrange for a caretaker for two days, post-surgery

  10. Plan to take off work or school for at least a week to recover

If the patient becomes sick or catches a minor illness in the week or on the day of the surgery, call your surgeon to reschedule for a later date. Being sick can increase the risk of complications during surgery.

The nose takes time to settle into its new shape, so allow the body to rest as much as possible. Avoid strenuous activities for two to six weeks and try to avoid sun exposure for at least eight weeks.

The final results will achieve the shape and feel that the patient was determined to get. Now that you are ready for the surgery, you will no longer experience defects or breathing issues and you will be able to enjoy an improved quality of life. Dr. Grigoryants performs every nose reshaping case to transcend his patients’ goals. Ask him how he can improve the shape of your nose today.

Why Rhinoplasty Might be Right for You

Wednesday, July 31st, 2013

Nose surgery serves more than just a cosmetic purpose. People today are having work done to improve more than just their looks. With advanced technology and experienced surgeons, society is able to get their nose worked on to repair trauma from accidents, improve self-esteem and relieve medical issues. These reasons make it easier for people to understand that getting plastic surgery is not always about looking good, but about feeling better emotionally and physically.

Nose surgery, known as rhinoplasty, produces a natural shaped nose and achieves balance with respect to the face. Dr. Grigoryants is a board certified plastic surgeon who has the ability to improve the shape of a patient’s nose, as well as treating any existing nasal airway obstruction. His specialty in closed rhinoplasty procedures leaves no visible signs of scarring and prevents any future airway blockage. Dr. Grigoryants will consult with his patients to determine what needs to be done in order to improve their nasal structure.

According to WebMD, rhinoplasty improves the shape, size, and angle of the patient’s nose. Not only that but the surgery is known to correct the nasal structure that cause chronic congestion and breathing issues.

What corrections can be made with nose surgery?

Your nose is repaired for medical issues. Patients who struggle breathing daily can have serious health complications later in life. A lower oxygen count makes the heart pump harder and adding that strain to the heart can cause it to weaken over time. Lower oxygen will also affect a person’s concentration and brain function. Rhinoplasty will relieve these health problems and achieve proper breathing for people with these issues.

A deviated septum is a condition where the cartilage of the nose is off center and also creates difficulty breathing. This can sometimes result in sinusitis or sinus infections. It is estimated that more than 80 percent of all nasal septums are off center. For these cases the nose can be repositioned in conjunction with rhinoplasty.

After an accident to the head, sometimes the nose is broken and deforms its original shape. If the patient undergoes rhinoplasty within the first few weeks of the accident, the surgery will show the most beneficial results. After the nose is broken the first two weeks is the window of repair before the bones start to heal, which makes it more difficult to straighten. Some patients are even happier with the new shape of their nose before the occurrence of the incident.

Then there are patients that were just born with prominent noses, bumpy nose shapes and crookedness. Their nose makes them very self-conscious and reduces self-esteem. There are even the rare few that have experienced faulty previous nose jobs and they want to correct those results. Dr. Grigoryants wants his patients to feel good about their nose and give them that confidence back. He provides his patients with results that achieve their goals.

As long as the patient has realistic expectations Dr. Grigoryants performs every case to transcend those goals. A good nose job will relieve pain, breathing complications and improve self-esteem. A nose surgery will do more than just make a better shaped nose, it will impact and improve the quality of life.

Breast Enlargement to Boost your Confidence!

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

The quest to beautify the breasts has come a long way. Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that increases the size of the breasts to meet the goals of the patient. In some cases, patients choose to have breast augmentation simply for cosmetic purposes because they are unhappy with the smallness of their breasts, or because age and pregnancy has taken a toll on the full appearance that the breasts once had. Other patients seek breast augmentation for reconstructive purposes to restore the breasts after trauma or a mastectomy.

If you have made the decision that getting breast implants is right for you, there are a variety of other decisions associated with this choice that you will have to make. Most importantly, you will first need to meet with a qualified board certified surgeon to discuss your breast augmentation options. They will examine you and ask for your medical history and goals for having breast augmentation. Be engaged and ask questions during your consultation and look at the before and after pictures so that you can become fully educated on what to expect with the procedure and feel confident in your decisions such as choosing an implant type and size.

Breast Augmentation typically will take 1 – 3 hours and you will be able to leave the same day depending on your individual case. Make sure that you have a friend or family member set up to drive you home as you will feel some pain and discomfort as well as still be groggy from the anesthetic.

Patients will wear a surgical bra for several weeks and swelling should resolve in around 2 to 3 weeks. Make sure that you get maximum rest and eat a healthy diet to ensure a speedy recovery. After about 4 weeks you can exercise with you arms to get in some physical activities.  About 2 months into recovery, the breasts will soften and feel more natural and after 4 months you will see the full beautiful results of your breast surgery.

To know more details about breast augmentation please visit:

Having breathing problems? Consult your surgeon Today for Rhinoplasty!

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Sleeping at night with a breathing problem can seriously affect your health. Taking in air is an important part of day to day human function and the constant feeling of nasal congestion can cause a person to feel difficulty with other bodily systems that do not function well on low oxygen. Low oxygen intake can even cause rapid or sometimes irregular heartbeat. When the nasal passage is blocked, it becomes difficult to regulate breathing, but with the help of a cosmetic surgeon, the Rhinoplasty procedure can have you breathing better and feeling great!

There are two types of nose surgery,  open Rhinoplasty and closed Rhinoplasty. During open Rhinoplasty an incision is made along the columella, the tissue strip at the base of the septum between the nostrils, where as during closed Rhinoplasty, the incision is made through a small passage within the nostrils. This type of rhinoplasty requires great expertise of the surgeon due to the limited visibility of the incision line.

Make sure that the surgeon you choose for Rhinoplasty uses state of the art medical equipment as well as ensure the surgeon you choose is well experienced in closed Rhinoplasty. With closed rhinoplasty, the scarring will be nearly invisible, which makes the patients feel more confident.

I decided to get a nose job for my breathing problem, what should I do next?

You will first meet with the surgeon of your choice for an initial consultation and they will discuss your goals and examine your nose to find the best options for you. They will also check you medical history and ask if you smoke, what medications you are on and if you have any preexisting medical conditions as these could complicate the surgery.  You will meet again for a pre op visit 3 weeks prior to the surgery as he will review the procedure and give you instructions for how best to prepare for not only the day of surgery, but forthe recovery as well. On the day of the surgery have a friend or family member drive you home, as you will be given local anesthesia which would affect you abilities to operate a motor vehicle.

The following day, your surgeon will examine you and remove your dressing; the splint will remain on your nose 5 to 6 days and then be removed. You will have a small amount of pain and only a mild discomfort. You will be given pain medications to help you cope with the slight pain and bruising which will subside after a week or so. Allow yourself to rest well and not do any sudden movements. Try to avoid sniffing your nose as that would cause pain and discomfort as well. It will be a week or two before your nose looks better and the swelling goes down.

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Boost Self-Esteem With Nose Reshaping Surgery!

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Some people just don’t like the genes they inherited; it’s a simple fact, and many people have to live day to day in a body that they hate. This hate for your body can cause a doubting self-confidence, emotional damage, and worse. This can be especially hard when you have features on your face that you are unhappy with, such as your nose which you see every time you look in the mirror. However, there is hope. If you don’t like your nose, you can have it corrected to be the way that you would like it.

Of course, in order to get the best results, you must choose an expert for your rhinoplasty Los Angeles patients say. When choosing a surgeon you can look through a variety of before and after pictures to see the results they have been able to achieve and ask any questions you may have to build your knowledge on what to expect from the procedure. For a list of questions that are recommended you ask any potential rhinoplasty surgeon, The American Society for Plastic Surgeons has compiled a helpful list.

Better Mood

Research has shown that getting any form of plastic surgery, including nose-reshaping surgery, boosts happiness and increases the patient’s overall mood. Unless you have overly high or unreasonable expectations about how the surgery will turn out, then your mood will increase greatly as soon as you get that cast off after your rhinoplasty!

Higher Self Esteem

Polls, surveys, and countless studies have also shown that, unless you had extremely unreasonable expectations about your post-surgery results, your self-esteem and self-confidence will increase greatly as well. With high self-esteem comes a happier life, as everyone knows that confidence gets you places. With higher confidence, you may even find that you put yourself out there more in social situations and even work situations that can help excel your life.

Not Harmful

One things future patients worry the most about is if nose reshaping surgery is painful, or harmful to their body. However, with all of the innovative forms of surgery today, surgery has become easier to perform and safer for the patient. Going in to get successful nose-reshaping surgery should not be harmful to your health in any way.

Surgery is a big decision for anyone, and should not be taken lightly. However, if you want to be happier and have a higher self-esteem after doubting yourself for all those years, then sometimes plastic surgery is the answer. With a successful rhinoplasty, you never have to worry about your nose again.

Enlarge your breasts through breast Augmentation!

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Women are different in the shape and size in their outlook and so are their breast some of them small others want to change the size of their breast, some breast sag due to post pregnancy, some due to weight loss, the improvement in the breast size can be done through Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Los Angeles has helped many women to increase their size and outlook with fuller more round size breast, as it increases self confidence and boost their social and professional life. In order for you to have breast implants it is important to choose which type you are looking for as there are Silicone implants and Saline implants, the silicone implants contains silicone gel which is pre determined, saline implants are inserted and then filled to the desired size. Where as in silicone implants a slightly larger incision is made when compared to saline implants. The incision is made either through the under folds of the bust, through the belly button or through the armpits.

When you have decided to get your breast enlarged, make sure to check for a medical board plastic surgeon as with years of experience and many surgeries you could rest assure of your surgery. On consultation with your surgeon regarding the surgery talk about the pre and post op, selection of the right breast size is critical as all patients are different in their outlooks, in volume of their overall figure; take a tight fitting outfit so you could check with the various sizes while putting the implants behind the bra. Then when you have selected the size the cosmetic surgeon will then brief how best to prepare yourself.

Smoking should be avoided, medication that could complicate the surgery causing excess blood flow consult with your surgeon in regards, and on the day of the surgery have a friend drive you home after the surgery. It would take 1 to 3 hours depending on the size of the implant and the area of incision.

The recovery process would take 1 to 2 months before the implant settles giving you that soft feel, medication will be given to minimize the pain, he would give you a surgical bra which will be worn for the first 7 – 10days after 2 to 3 week all sutures will dissolve, you can get back to normal activates with a month the results will amaze you.

Top Nose Surgeon in Los Angeles

Friday, June 14th, 2013

Rhinoplasty, also referred to as nose surgery or nose reshaping helps correct imperfections of the nose and enhances a person’s appearance. In a place like Los Angeles, where physical appearance is of utmost importance, finding the best plastic surgeon can be a major part of having surgery that will produce results that look natural and that the patient is happy with. Finding a qualified surgeon that you feel confident is the single most important part of getting the desired outcome from surgery.

When looking for a nose surgeon, you want to look for a surgeon with a state of the art practice that utilizes the most advanced equipment and techniques to give you the results that you love. The first and most obvious thing that you want to look for is a surgeon that is board certified. When you are thinking about having surgery that has such visible results as rhinoplasty, you want to be sure that the surgeon that will perform the surgery has extensive experience in performing nose surgeries. You can request before and after pictures of his most recent work to see for yourself what they have been able to accomplish for previous Los Angeles rhinoplasty patients.

When a person decides to get a nose job, it can be for purely cosmetic reasons to correct an asymmetry or deformity that has been present since birth or was caused by an injury. Expectations have to be discussed at length before the surgery to insure satisfaction and make sure that the surgeon and the patient understand each other in order to get the desired results. Other reasons why patients seek out rhinoplasty is to help correct troubles breathing. Nose surgery can correct nasal deformities and open up the air way for easier breathing. A big part of any cosmetic surgeons practice should be the consultation that happens before the surgery. If you don’t feel comfortable with your consultation, chances are you won’t be satisfied with the results either so look to other reviews and make a different choice.

If you are thinking about nose surgery, you can learn more here to find out about what the procedure can do for you and if you are a good candidate.

Mommy makeover – a choice of today’s woman

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

The period of pregnancy and giving birth to a child is a major phase in the life of a woman. Such phase fetches pride and contentment to almost all the women. On the other hand women undergo numerous alterations during and after the cited phases. The alterations include both physical and psychological sorts. However, the physical alterations may possibly be more disturbing, as they are visible. If truth be told, the physical alterations diminish the prettiness of the women. This is situation is preventable if the necessary measures are observed during the period of pregnancy. Breast-feeding plays a major role in influencing the physical alterations of the women. Taken as a whole, the maternity episode is the one which gives a great impact over the manifestation of the woman’s body. The bodily changes can be restructures through the clinical procedure popularly known as mommy makeover.

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The body parts of the women that are highly affected by the pregnancy and child birth are the abdomen, breasts, hips and thighs. These body parts are observable with their flaccid nature. This condition in women not only reduces the good looks, but also lowers their confidence. More often than not, this situation is treated as humiliation despite the fact that, putting on some extra pounds is a natural phenomenon. If truth be told, the problem is not with the extra pounds, it is the drooping skin that causes the problem in question, after losing the weight. Mommy makeover fetches assures of fetching back the lost attractiveness of the new mommies.

To move into the details appropriate care during the pregnancy period is usually avoided owing to the living conditions of the women in concern. Their hectic work schedule, physical factors in particular prevents the women in adopting the required measures. Certain issues related to inheritance do influence the situation. The latter is unmanageable by the women in question. In such situations women do opt for alternatives to gain back the lost glory. The mommy makeover proves to be handy to such women. On the other hand, this surgical procedure is a combo of various cosmetic surgeries which include mammoplasty, abdominoplasty and liposuction. In certain exceptional cases the surgeries related to face lift and body lift are performed over the intending patient.

As a matter of fact, the mommy makeover should be the selection of the woman after taking the decision of having the last baby since, undergoing the surgery implies the chances of being pregnant after the surgery are relatively less or nil. However, in accordance with the report of a health magazine, most of the women of younger generation are eager to go through the procedure of mommy makeover. It is reportedly not the case during the earlier times of its inception. This trend has apparently increased in the recent times as the beauty consciousness among the women is increasing day by day. Moreover, the conventional weight-loss procedures are time consuming and do not ensure the non-gaining of weight soon after terminating the programs.

The Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

Breast augmentation is a medical procedure that should be thoroughly considered before going under the knife. If you have a defect such as dual sized breasts and wish to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, then you must consult a reputable and skilled cosmetologist first to avoid possible medical complications from cropping up later. Despite being painted in varying shades of gray in the eyes of society, breast augmentation tags along with several notable benefits such as:

● Increasing Breast Size

● Improving Breast Shape

● Correcting Genetic or Congenital Breast Defects

● Improving Self-Confidence Levels

Therefore, breast augmentation isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you are one of the silent sufferers that have undersized breasts and have to scour the racks of Walmart for hours just to find an AA cup size, then you do have a flicker of hope. Breast augmentation surgery will help you increase your breast size and restore your confidence.

Breast augmentation surgery also helps you boost your breast shape to give a more pronounced and noticeable bust. In some working lines, women are needed to have shapely bodies that tailor to the exquisite requirements of their jobs, and having undersized breasts which lead to an overall stick-thin frame can pose a problem. With breast augmentation surgery, women can not only improve the shape and size of their bust, but also feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Besides this, breast augmentation surgery is the perfect solution for correcting genetic or congenital breast defects present since infancy. Some women suffer in silence due to their misshapen or sagging breasts, and in other cases, women have been known to exhibit more than one areola per breast. Other rare medical conditions pertaining to two different breast sizes have also plagued certain women, thus corroding their confidence and lowering their self-esteem. With a breast augmentation surgery, these women no longer need to fear the image staring back in the mirror at them.

Since breast augmentation surgery is generally a corrective form of surgery, cosmetic surgeons can correct misshapen breasts in a single effort during the operation. Not only does this save cost and time, but it also helps the silent sufferers of any defective breasts to correct any possible defects as well as improve their busts at once – take it as killing two birds with one stone, if you will.

The best part about breast augmentation surgery is that it rejuvenates your confidence levels. If you have undersized busts and are constantly shrouded by ill-feelings of insecurity and feeble self-esteem, then a breast augmentation procedure might just be what the doctor ordered. So instead of moping around in your office desk and spying on your coworker’s bobbing busts every now and then, why not treat yourself to the same taste of luxury? After all, this procedure not only can help you reclaim your body and restore your confidence, but it can also finally give you the shapely busts you have been silently hunkering for.

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