Dr. Grigoryants reviews safety of plastic surgery

This post will describes what steps we take to ensure safety for our patients. When these guidelines are followed, plastic surgery can be performed with a very high degree of safety. 1. Patient selection:   Prior to surgery, patients are screened for any medical conditions and their ability to withstand surgery and anesthesia. For young and healthy patients, surgery is very safe. Older patients and patients with medical problems will need to undergo medical clearance by their primary care doctors or cardiologists. In certain cases, even stress tests will be ordered to evaluate the patients cardiac function. From time to time, we will turn down patients based on their age and/or medical condition. 2. Type of surgery performed: Certain procedures like (rhinoplasty, facelift, breast augmentation etc.) are associated with relatively little bleeding and little stress on the body. On the other hand large volume liposuction (over 5 liters) or tummy tuck with a large volume liposuction is more stressful for the body. When patients undergo combined surgeries or large volume liposuction, we recommend the patients stay in the hospital for at least 1 day for observation and intravenous hydration. During surgery surgery the... read more

Plastic Surgery Los Angeles – Breast and Body Cosmetic Enhancement Procedures

With Plastic Surgery Los Angeles residents have been able to cosmetically enhance physical features of the face, breasts, and body. Many patients receive plastic surgery for a number of reasons, however, they all have one thing in common—the desire to look and feel great about themselves. The area they choose to enhance may be particularly chosen because it represents an area the patient may be uncomfortable with as it may be drawing unwanted attention or even be the cause of embarrassment. During the initial consultation with a Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles residents are evaluated for a cosmetic procedure based on their medical history, current health, and the types of results they can achieve with the procedure. Aspects of a procedure like techniques, pre and post-operative measures, as well as recovery time may vary from procedure to procedure. Body Contouring Body contouring has become increasingly popular with a procedure such as Liposuction. With Liposuction Los Angeles residents and out of town patients have been able to treat areas of the body such as the arms, midsection,... read more

Los Angeles Cosmetic Surgery: Taking a Step in the Right Direction

Cosmetic surgery has helped many individuals throughout the United States gain confidence and enhance their lifestyles by improving problem areas of the face, breasts, and body. The truth is- many individuals suffer with body image and strive to remove imperfections in the body. With an experienced and skilled Plastic Surgeon Los Angeles residents and out of town patients can correct the imperfections in the body and gain the confidence they deserve. A plastic surgeon may approach each procedure and patient differently as no two patients are alike and will have different needs or techniques that may be applied during the procedure in order to receive optimal results. Body contouring is a common struggle for both men and women. Looking and feeling fit and healthy are important to many individuals to living an active life. Typically, by following an exercise and diet regimen, many can reach their body contouring goals, however, this many not as easily to others. With Liposuction Los Angeles residents can remove excess fat from these problem areas once and for all. Problem areas may include a... read more

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