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  Beverly Hills rhinoplasty nose surgeon Beverly Hills

Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills - Nose Surgery, Reshaping in Beverly Hills

Nose surgery is a procedure offered by an Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Grigoryants. Rhinoplasty when performed by an experienced specialist will produce a natural result and at the same time preserve or improve breathing. Rhinoplasty is the most difficult procedure in plastic surgery. Dr. Grigoryants has extensive experience with rhinoplasty and has improved the existing rhinoplasty techniques as well as introduced new techniques. Some of his techniques were published in the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Journal (June, 2013). As an advanced nose expert in Beverly Hills, Dr. Grigoryants offers the latest rhinoplasty procedures to produce a natural appearing nose and achieve a balance between the nose and the rest of the face. Dr. Grigoryants performs rhinoplasty using an endonasal techniques (also known as closed rhinoplasty). In this procedure incisions are placed inside the nose. Therefore, no scars will be present across the bottom portion of the nose. He applies the endonasal technique for most primary rhinoplasty patients as well as for many revision patients.

Many rhinoplasty patients request to improve breathing in addition to nose reshaping surgery. Nose surgery is frequently combined with other procedures such as breast augmenation or lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, chin augmenation, eyelid surgery and others. As a Beverly Hills rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Grigoryants believes that for each patient the rhinoplasty procedure needs to be individualized as every person has a different nose. During your consultation, Dr. Grigoryants will evaluate your nose and facial features and together with you will decide what nose reshaping changes to produce. To schedule your rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Grigoryants, call us at 1-800-540-0508.

Rhinoplasty takes about 2-2.5 hours to perform. Dr.Grigoryants does not use nasal packing. The splint will be removed from the nose 5-7 days after surgery. It will look presentable in 8-14 dyas after surgery. About 70% of the swelling will resolve by 2 months after surgery and it takes about 1-2 years to see the final result.

For patients coming out of town, initial consultation can be done via email. Email Dr. Grigoryants at vladgrigor@gmail.com . Please include your face photos (front, side, and bottom views) and indicate what changes you are seeking to achieve. Dr. Grigoryants will review your email and will reply with his recommendations.



Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills- Nose Reshaping Surgery Beverly Hills- Nose Reshaping Surgery

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  rhinoplasty Beverly Hills     Nose surgeon Beverly Hills
PATIENT 1 : In this patient nose reshaping (rhinoplasty) was performed to remove the nasal bump and raise the tip of the nose. Incisions were placed inside the nose (endonasal rhinoplasty).
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  Nose surgery Beverly Hills     Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty
PATIENT 2 : Endonasal rhinoplasty was performed to remove the dorsal hump, refine the tip, and shorten the projection of the nose.
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  before rhinoplasty Beverly Hills     after rhinoplasty



PATIENT 3: Endonasal rhinoplasty was performed to reduce the dorsal hump and refine the tip. Septal deviation (crooked nose) was straightened. All incisions are placed inside the nose (no external scars present).

  nose job beverly hills     nose reshaping beverly hills    
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  nose reshaping beverly hills   rhinoplasty surgery beverly hills
Patient 3. This patient underwent closed rhinoplasty to remove the hump, raise the columella, repair the tension lip (upper lip pulled forward). Chin augmentation was performed using a Radiesse injection.
  nose job in beverly hills photo   after rhinoplasty result    
  beverly hills rhinoplasty before   after rhinoplasty photo    
  Before   After  
before surgery patient 4
after rhinoplasty photo
PATIENT 4 : This patient has a low nasal bridge dorsal (radix), hump, and weak tip. Nose reshaping was performed using a closed (endonasal) approach The dorsal hump was reduced, cartilage grafts were placed in the bridge (radix) and tip of the nose.
  Beverly Hills rhinoplasty before and after pictures  


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Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills Nose Surgery Beverly Hills

Dr. Grigoryants is known as one of the top rhinoplasty surgeons in the Los Angeles metro area. View hundreds of before and after rhinoplasty pictures and you will notice he has done all types of noses. Caucasian, Asian, African-American, Hispanic, Indian, Pakistani, and other ethnic rhinoplasty patients.

Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills is a commonly requested procedure. Also known as nose surgery or nose job, rhinoplasty has cosmetic and functional components. Every surgeon has his/her own technique for nasal reshaping. It is important for a person seeking rhinoplasty to review the surgeon's before and after photographs of nose reshaping patients. Nose surgery is the most challenging procedure and a revision may be necessary even in the hands of experienced rhinoplasty specialists.

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